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Rant...Primal and Pregnant, Glucose Testing

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  • Rant...Primal and Pregnant, Glucose Testing

    I failed my one hour glucose test.

    So now of course I'm supposed to take three hour, and I'm a loss for words.

    A bigger sugar-y drink and three blood draws in three hours. Plus the chance that I'll fail this one too...

    I have a glucose husband is we monitor him closely. I started taking my blood glucose this morning, and plan on monitoring it for the next three days. When I get to the midwife on Monday, she's going to want me to take the 3 hour, and I'm thinking of refusing and just handing her my numbers for the last three days. Showing her that when I don't pump sugar into my body I'm just fine.

    Gosh, there is so much to say and so many details and really I just want to scream...but I don't think slamming AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! into the keyboard is going to work much.

    Doctors and midwives are the reason I hate being pregnant.

    My last pregnancy was unassisted...hubby wasn't too comfy with that...but now he's starting to see the merit in it. He knows that I eat healthfully. He even agrees that Primal is healthy but he just loves his baked goods. (tsk tsk). I asked him what we would do if the midwife dropped me because I refuse the three-hour...he said "Well then I guess we'll have this baby at home."

    BTW--it's recommended that your CARBLOAD for three days before the test. Which I am not doing. Not carb-loading could give you an abnormally high number. Another reason I do not want to take the test...because I basically refuse to carb-load. I binge-eat carbs. Binge eating carbs for three days will definitely put me on a path of destruction.
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    Ugh, sounds awful. I like your idea of tracking your glucose for the next few days while eating Primal to show them that yes, your blood sugar is normal and you don't need to chug crappy Orange Crush to prove it.

    Would your midwife really drop you for refusing to take the 3 hour glucose test? That seems harsh. And if she did, that sounds like a good excuse to go midwife-shopping to see if you can find someone more in line with your wellness philosophies.

    Does your midwife know you're eating Primal? Or would that open a whole new can of worms that you don't want to get into with her (e.g. "OMG YOU'RE EATING TOO MUCH FAT" etc)?

    I know this probably isn't helpful, but you definitely have my sympathies on this. Stay strong and don't cave on your stance on this.

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      It might be helpful to track 1 and 2 hour postprandial glucose levels along with fasting levels.


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        I think tracking your numbers at home is a good idea. It will give you peace-of-mind, too. As far as your midwife dropping you...that's weird, right? I just met one of the midwives at the birth center I'll be going to and she said I am allowed to turn down any test. It's my choice. I suppose it depends on liability laws in each state? Isn't that what going to a midwife is all about-having the pregnancy and birth you want?
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          that's where all the details come in. I'm really not sure if she'd drop me...but technically I'm a VBAC. C-section was for breech presentation. After that C/S I had a 10 pound baby vaginally at home, unassisted.

          She is worried that I'll have another 10 lb. baby. Which honestly, doesn't concern me at all. My 10 lb'er had no problem coming out, and that was without a midwife

          But if she thinks I'm having a big baby, with a prior c/s, and potential GD...maybe she WOULD drop me??

          More details...I'm already 36 weeks preggo. Her office dropped the ball on testing me at 24-28 weeks. My GTT came out at 146...highest they like is 130. I've read today that testing later in pregnancy can lead to falsely high numbers.

          So with all these factors...I feel like...really? You think I have GD?? But because of the c/s and the "macrosomal baby" I am a "higher risk"...if not decidely "high risk"

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            oh and i am tracking AM fasting glucose, 1 hr PP for meals and snacks and 2 hr PP for meals only. I was thinking of taking a pre-meal measurement as well.

            I am also writing down what I am actually that she can see the difference between a realistic meal for me and SAD.
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              My OH refused her fasting glucose test the last pregnacy, she tested borderline on the pregnacy before.

              She got a cheapo blood glucose machine and monitored her own levels and there was never a problem apart from it dropping a bit low on a couple of occasions, that was pre-primal, but we were on slimming world diet so no very little refined sugar, but lots of whole wheat pasta.

              I honestly think it is a pointless test if you don't consume vast amounts of sugar, and GD is contraversial as to wether it really exists anyway. My OH did a vast amount of research and concluded that there was very little evidence, and what there was was poor, so really just monitored to keep the midwife happy.
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                what is so silly is you eat the way they would tell you to if you were indeed GD. Isn't the first course of action to try dietary changes anyways? You are at the end of your pregnancy, if the baby is already big their isn't much you can do at this point. Definitely keep a food/ glucose journal and show it to your midwife. Good luck!


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                  you have the right to refuse any test or procedure.

                  if she threatens you with not providing care, you have provided alternative evidence of your health (via your glucose monitor). This is sufficient (and healthier) than the test, and provides more evidence.

                  In fact, I suggest that you send her your daily AM/PM glucose tests and a list of foods you eat -- by email daily -- if she pushes you.

                  PS. this is part of the reason why I chose unassisted childbirth.