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Just dumping a general question on you all and would love some advice

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    oh, never mind then. if he's voluntarily moving out, then sweet.

    also, when getting another roommate, it's a good idea to have a sense of the expectations that you have for each other. my DH and I are considering cohousing with a couple of families, and we were talking as a group about keeping common areas super-clean (ie, living room, kitchen, dining), having a once-daily cleaning of the play-room area, and then private areas (our own bathrooms/bedrooms/sitting areas) would be our own business.

    There's also a standard of what "clean" and "organized" is. And we came up with "hostel standard" as a term. meaning that when you are finished with your dishes, you wash, dry, and put them away. When you are finished with your laundry, you clean the lint trap, wipe down the machines if needed, and take your clothes off the line, and so on.

    This way, everyone would be able to most effectively use those common spaces comfortably.

    And, everoyne can be messy-pigs in their own space (*cough* DH *cough*).


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      Originally posted by Uncephalized View Post
      Dude, you and your dad need to grow a pair. It's your house, he is a tenant, not a friend, and it's not working. Tell him you are terminating the arrangement because it's not working out well for you, and that he needs to find another living arrangement within 30 days or whatever. There is no need to be unnecessarily nice and doormat-like for someone who is not a good friend or family member.
      Yes, obviously. Your dad in particular needs to man up.
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          Let him clean and ignore him. Get some noise cancellation headphones and consider him a maid that pays you to clean the place up. Tell him he missed a few spots. That's assuming he does clean and doesn't just complain.
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            I will bet a nickle to a dollar he will still be there a month from now. Yes he says he is going to leave but there is no impetus for him to get out.
            Find out your local eviction rules and serve him notice or the chances are this will not go away.
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