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What happened to me post-surgery? And how do I get back to the body I had.

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  • What happened to me post-surgery? And how do I get back to the body I had.

    So last September I had my gallbladder removed. For the next 4 weeks after I sat on my ass and did very little except for walk. I then started back into lifting and sprints and all that jazz. However during that time i spent on the sidelines and up until now I've slowly been like getting skinnier.

    This was me just prior to my surgery(shirt off super hairy beast chest warning):

    And this is me today:

    I looked much more healthy before my surgery. And I'm eating far more now than I was then and I'm back on my lifting routine pre-surgery, but i'm still unable to build back muscle it seems. I'm just stagnating in this skinny abyss and I can't figure out why.
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    Pics fixed.

    People tell me I'm too skinny. It pisses me off.


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      is this a ruse to show off your abs? i don't seem to see any scars on your "After" pic. not even lapro scars. i dunno...

      are you actually eating more (counting calories), or do you just think you are eating more?


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        Not counting calories but I've started eating far more carbs than I was before. I eat more eggs daily as well. Before it was 8 a day now I'm downing 12 or more. Just overall more food in general. I'm not on any meds now. Post surgery for a few weeks I was on Vicodin and flexeril but since the pain more or less subsided in mid-October I only take the occasional tylenol. I also don't take and probiotics or anything for pre digestion of food.


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          If you had your gallbladder removed, you may not be metabolizing all the fat you're eating. That could result in weight loss, I would think. If that's happening though, it usually means you'll see some very ... well ... loose stools.


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            Um, you look like you MAYBE lost a little bit of weight and a TINY bit of muscle mass. Other than that you look exactly the same aside from the lighting, and you're more vascular in the second pic.

            What change are you seeing between the two photos that I'm not? You look fine in both, aside from having your pants pulled down almost to your junk which is kind of silly-looking...
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