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Strange (I think) blood test results

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  • Strange (I think) blood test results


    Some background: I was on statins for 15 years. After the newest figures on statin side effects, I decided I had enough. So I stopped taking them and started a low carb diet. Little did I realize it was almost "primal". For me, I eat low carb or low glycemic index carb (more or less around 50-100g) Monday-Friday and weekends I eat whatever. This works for me. The result after 30 days was 10lbs. lighter, and I felt better. So, I talked with my Doc and he advised blood tests (NOT VAP) because it had been almost a year since my last test. The results were crap. Everything was high. My total went from 170 a year ago to 262. What I thought was strange was even with a low carb diet my trigs. were high (166)! I though low carb would lower your trigs?

    I read that because I was on statins for so many years, when I stopped, my body sort of freaked out! Is this a fact or ?

    The meat I eat is bought from a local farm (buffalo, beef & hog), chicken, turkey and some fish from super market. I also eat Deer. Most fruits and vegetables that are in the dirty dozen list are organic, I also grow some during the summer.

    My Doc suggested I go back on statins, I refused. I want to research more and give my new way of eating a chance. I said in 6 months I want a blood test that included a VAP.

    Since going off statins in only 35 days I have noticed a few things. The main one is I just feel better.

    The information on this subject is mixed to say the least. Some Docs say your levels of LDL/HDL mean nothing. 50% of those that had heart attacks had near normal LDL/HDL levels without statins. Other Docs believe the old way that HDL/LDL is the golden rule.

    Any comments welcome!


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    Check out Mark's Blog post today.
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      Your body is probably not going to stay where it was when you go off of statins suddenly. How long have you been eating Primal, not just low carb (meaning no grains and refined/processed foods)? Just a month is not long enough for best results. Make sure to get a full panel done in 6 months and I am sure you will see improved results. Remember also that your levels can change from day to day, so it's entirely possible it was a "bad day" for a reading.
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        Thanks for the reply namelesswonder.

        I have cut out during the week white flour, processed foods, rice, potatoes. That is a huge change for me. I didn't realize the crap I was eating. We had rice or potatoes most every night, then seconds. Breakfast and lunch plus snacks were as bad if not worse. Now I eat organic fruits/vegetables, beans, farm eggs, beef and pork, chicken, fish. Weekends I backs slide some.


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          Eating low glycemic carbs daily (whatever the heck that means) and eating "whatever" on weekends isn't exactly low carb. Not that tightening up your carbs would improve your cholesterol numbers. You should really read Mark's blog post on this and also the comments. It appears to me that eating this way is not a cholesterol-lowering plan at all. However, it's really obvious that the link between your cholesterol numbers and your risk for heart disease and death is extremely tenuous. I think the link between the lab numbers and the sales of cholesterol lowering drugs is much more robust.
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            high glycemic index carbs are ones that spike your sugar levels. Diabetics stay away from these.

            I read Marks Blog. The first item basically was my original post. WHATEVER on weekends means; If I want biscuits and gravy, fried potatoes with an egg on top, that's what I eat. Or pizza i.e.. WHATEVER! This works for me, it gives me some leeway to backslide.

            sbhikes - I see from your sig you check your BMI and body fat. I don't and won't. So long as my pants fit, I stay off the scale.
            I'm 63, too old to care about lean mean look now, I want to feel good and not blindly follow my Doc.
            When I saw him, he knew I was loosing weight, he should have told me to wait until my weight stabilized before having a lipid test. He didn't! Why?

            Thanks Apex, the Blog gave me the info I needed.
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              I put my age, height, weight and BMI in there because people often will ask if you post a question. So now they don't ask.

              I know what high glycemic index carbs are, however if you're eating tons of low carb pasta thinking because the package says it's low glycemic index, you're not really on a low carb diet because those things have been shown to spike people's blood sugar just as much as any old pasta.

              If you're eating lots of primal-approved fruits and veggies that are low GI and thinking that makes your diet low carb, that's not exactly true, either. Not that anybody has to go low carb. All I'm saying is don't call it low carb if it isn't. That just confuses people.

              It sounds like you're adherence to the Primal Blueprint is a bit less than 80/20. Not that this would have any effect on your cholesterol since the PB doesn't necessarily result in lower cholesterol for a lot of people. But if you're not actually on the Primal Blueprint diet or if you're only really on it 60-40 or possibly even less, you can't really blame it for your cholesterol numbers. Maybe you are perfectly primal or maybe you aren't, I'm not trying to be judgmental, but be honest here about where the blame for your numbers lies.

              Your cholesterol numbers likely changed more because you quit taking statins than anything else.
              Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.


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                Initial spike in cholesterol and trigs could also be caused by healing fatty liver disease - on top of the weight loss and cutting out the statins. You really just need more time and like Sbhikes mentioned if you're doing low carb, do low carb and stay away from the pre-processed frankenfoods. They're not as blood sugar neutral as the makers would like us to think.


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                  I'm eating to lose weight and fix my cholesterol numbers. Low carb pasta? No such thing if made from white flour. I cut out white flour and anything made with it, and potatoes and rice Monday-Friday. I stay away from processed foods (twinkies, HFCS etc!) and eat organic fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts and use olive oil to cook with and for salad dressing. The beef, pork come from local farmers (no hormones or antibiotics). I didn't mean to imply (I if I did) that I eat 100% primal. My goal is to stay off statins, loose weight and kept my lipids in check. I won't know for sure until my weight stabilizes, so Marks blog says.

                  Linny - I agree 100%. YOUR LDL IS DIRECTLY RELATED TO YOUR CARB INTAKE. My Doc agrees with that statement as do many blogs on the web. When you eat a high carb meal (High on the index), not only does that cause a sugar spike and a release of insulin, but it signals your LIVER TO PRODUCE LDL! NOT LDL/HDL just the bad one. That is something NO Doc or Dietitian ever told me, I had to find out myself.