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  • Cravings

    Hi All,

    So as of today I am on day two of the 21 one day challange. Other than accidently cheating, my two year put the crust to his sandwich in my face to feed me and I ate it without thinking. But, to get to the point I have lost 2lbs already, its just the cravings are making me crazy. I dont know if its just because i cant have certain things or if its my bodies reaction to no carbs. Any thoughts?

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    Day two... Yeah, you're gonna have cravings. Think of it like giving up smoking, or booze. You're gonna go through "withdrawal" symptoms while your body adapts to a natural diet. Hell, I've been doing this for 20 months now, and I still get the occasional craving. Once you get use to it, the psychological effect of not being able to eat something will wear off, and you'll find it not only much easier to stick with, but that you generally want to eat this way.


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      Thanks!! I really want to be able to do this. I agree with the concept and i want my body to be healthy. Since having a child I have kist 3/4s of the weight I gained. But on the last of it i have done everything from getting a personal trainer to diet pills and nothing has worked.


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        Wait, you're in Germany? I'm familar with SAD, but not sure how much bread or grains you guys eat... Blutwurst and sauerkraut sounds pretty good. You might have an easier time, assuming German diets typically favor more meats and vegetables anyways.


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          Haha, yes I'm in Germany.Although I am American. I am married to a soldier and we are stationed near Ramstein. The brauts and kraut is fantastic. The bakeries are what get you. You haven't lived until you have fresh baked bread and desserts from a German bakery. We have one about 5 minutes away from our house if your walking. I think I'm going to need a cheat day haha.


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            We've got Amish, so I'm sure I know what you mean. I would hold off on the cheat days until you get through the first 21 or 30 days, or whatever your "transformation" goal is.