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Blah...where did THAT come from?

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  • Blah...where did THAT come from?

    I have felt so blah all day. Tired and a little grouchy and just not quite 'here'. I have been feeling so awesome this past week, then today I took a two hour nap after lunch. I have been logging my food since I started this and while I did eat a few more carbs yesterday than previously, it wasn't that drastic. Or I didn't think it was. I had been staying right around 50 gms of carbs since I am trying to lose and yesterday I had 75 (that extra damn apple!!). Then this morning I was crave-y and my husband bought me grapes. They were really good grapes, too, but I know grapes are high sugar. Could that be enough to make me feel icky today??

    Cause I am thinking it might. I just ate a huge grass fed steak burger and I already feel better. Is this just my imagination??

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    No, I react to natural sugar in fruit that way (and any other sugar). I experience energy highs and lows, and my appetite goes out of whack. I am not sensitive to starches, so when i feel cravy, I turn to rutabagas, turnips and radishes. Or try to. Fruit still is a landmine for my tentative grip on keeping sugar under control.
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      Same here. I love berries and bananas, but they slow my weight loss, cause sugar cravings and make fasting a lot more difficult. Starches don't have the same effect, although I rarely eat a full serving of anything starchy.
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        Last week DH bought me some nectarines. They tasted great and I had several that day and the following day. Felt tired and bloated and had cravings after that. Seems that I am sensitive to too much fruit!
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          Ok, this is really good to know. I also gained back a pound this morning. I know, weight fluctuations are normal, but all these symptoms seem to come right when I over ate fruit for a couple of days, so I am limiting fruit strictly for awhile. Thanks for the replies. I thought it might be the fruit, but couldn't decided if that was my imagination.


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            Ok. I don't really know. I just wanted to use my kick-ass picture again!
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