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  • Doctor Who fans?

    How many of you dream of Daleks? Do you imagine you could be a Time Lord? Who is better, Rose or Amy?

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    Who is Rose? What is Amy?

    It's Leela all the way. Duh.


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      Haven't watched the new series...I'm still bitter about David Tennant leaving. He was the perfect Doctor in my mind. Rose is my preference as a companion but the redhead, Donna, was good too.
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        Donna ftw. Matt Smith makes a pretty good Doctor. When's the Summer series start?
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          Originally posted by darthfriendly View Post
          who is rose? What is amy?

          It's leela all the way. Duh.
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            Originally posted by pdjesson View Post
            Donna ftw. Matt Smith makes a pretty good Doctor. When's the Summer series start?
            Matt Smith is my favorite, all the way.


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              Tom Baker... THAT is all.
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                Old school - Tom Baker was my favourite.
                New school - I'm still not over the departure of David Tennant. (sob)

                I really like Amy, a bit better than Rose. Could. Not. STAND. Donna (because I have a fiery loathing of Catherine Tate which I find difficult to express properly without sounding like a loon).

                Would have loved a combo of TennantDoctor plus Amy.
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                  I love all the Doctors, but since Tom Baker was my first, he holds a special place in my heart.
                  Companions? Sarah Jane. Also Donna and Amy, but not Rose. And can't forget Captain Jack.
                  Baddies? The Master.


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                    I started watching near the end of Pertwee but later watched 'em all from Hartnell on. The new series is wonderful and I'm enjoying Matt Smith but David Tennant is my fav of the new series. As a kid in 9th grade (waaaay too long ago), all my science projects had to do with TARDISes and yes, my 9 year old son has a TARDIS door his Daddy painstakingly made for him so we're a family of Who geeks.

                    From many threads here it seems there are a lot of Who fans. Makes it feel really cozy!
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