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Not sure if I should do this, no need to loose weight here

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  • Not sure if I should do this, no need to loose weight here

    Firstly, sorry if this has been covered before but my head to is fuzzy (from no carbs for four days) to try and navigate this forum at the moment. I am new to the forum and to Primal. I have read Marks Book and also Gary Taube and Eades and Wolf and a few more besides. I don't need convincing in other words....

    My question is, should hubby and I be doing any of this if we are generally happy with our bodies and not at all overweight. We excercise moderately. We were moderate eaters before though prone to a few biscuits, beer and bread at times (and of course little fat as possible and always feeling so guilty).

    I am more than happy to eat Primal as it makes soooo much sense but should I be going into ketosis as I don't need to loose weight, except for small saddlebags around my upper thighs. Should I just start in the 100-150 g carb range? And if I do will I get the clear-headed, good feelings that I understand only come from eating under 20-50g per day?

    Many thanks for any help, I really need to convince hubby that this is for overall health and well being (and not weight loss per se).

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    Clear-headed good feelings from being in ketosis? If you aren't looking to lose weight, eat plenty of healthy carbs and eat when you are hungry until you are full. You will likely notice changes (physical or over well-being) anyway. This is probably the best/easiest way to switch to Primal, since you don't HAVE to go through carb flu, necessarily.
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      No, ketosis is just for weight loss and for skipping meals, etc. Just trade out your grains and bad oils for safe starches and animal fats and you're basically good to go.
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        You will benefit greatly by eating total primal.
        Sleep, mood, clear congestion, not to mention perfect good health for your organs.
        Your body will appreciate it very soon and in the long run.
        Plus, if you wish, you can have occasional treats that won't set you back.


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          "primal/paleo" eating is not about being on a diet, but eating in a way to promote health. A person might want to also lose weight and then really pay attention to the amount of carbohydrate they are eating, but if that is not a goal for you, then as Khifegill said, simply concentrate on eating meaningfully by "trading out your grains and bad oils for safe starches and animal fats" and get rid of processed foods.

          Good luck!
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            Hello all. I thought I had replied to say thank you but can't find the thread.
            It makes sense now. I am eating as I would normally but without the carbs, so not trying to achieve ketosis. Feeling better already from not attempting to achieve ketosis.
            Thanks again


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              Hello, me again
              OK now a week later and I am feeling better, well at least my brain's not as fuzzy. I have cut out all grains but still eating healthy carbs and eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm full.

              So far I am not needing to snack between meals and even at meal times I am not always eating a huge meal as I am not that hungry. I think I'm no the way to starting to feel ok again but my brain is still having fuzzy moments and I feel really tired (like I have the flu tired). I am not attempting to achieve ketosis (or intermittent fasting (IF)). The Primal Blueprint book not mention any of these symptoms (I am kind of eating similar food to Mark's suggestions). Why do I have them and will they go away? I think I know the answer, that my body is adapting to utilise fats rather than carbs, but why does Mark not mention this in his book, am I doing something wrong. I don't need to loose weight, as I said, I just want to eat more healthily.

              Perhaps someone could also answer why Mark talks about attempting IF on day 14 I think. What is the point of this and if you can do IF does that mean you are in ketosis as such.

              Thanks in advance for any ideas!