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My upper spine/neck is really bent/curved, doctor not helpful, advice pleas

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    Originally posted by Matil View Post
    My neck head and upper spine is really curved forward, I asked my doctor about it but he didn't take it seriously and said there was nothing wrong. He said the same thing about my curved back and didn't want to refer me to an orthopedist or anything.
    Alexander Technique. There's nothing that comes close for that kind of thing.

    Are you US-based? If so you can find a teacher here:

    Find a Teacher | American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT)


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      Thankyou all for the input. I guess my next step is going to be finding a good physiotherapist to get checked out. What I need is someone who will be able to teach me proper posture/stretches and make sure Im doing it correctly. Any suggestions on what to watch out for and what to look for in a good physiotherapist?


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        Be really firm if what they're teaching you (ie. stretches) to do is NOT WORKING.
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          Originally posted by missjess View Post
          How "defined" is it? Like, scoliosis type curved? Because you might need more than a chiropractor it your spine has a serious bend in it. I would see a chiropractor, and get a scan. An osteopath may also be able to help.
          Scoliosis is a lateral curve, side to side. Kyphosis is when it's arched forward. And it's most common cause is posture, a PT or Chrio is a good start. Matil fix your posture and muscles first! Maybe consider a standing desk? Just a thought.
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            Try Physical Therapy
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