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    I can only do this on occasion and only in small amounts, but dipping dates into it is pretty tasty.
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      Almond Butter + Goat Yogurt + Vanilla Whey + Honey/Cinnamon + Blueberries = mmmm


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        Here is an almond smoothie I made with dry roasted almond butter

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          Go over to DashFire's "My Roommates are Killing Me with Carbs" thread. I posted an almond bread recipe there that is made in about 7 minutes in the microwave and is Primal.

          Oops - just had to edit to tell you this: I just noticed that you said almond BUTTER. Mine is made with whole almonds, but I see no reason why you can't tinker with the amount of almond butter and do the recipe almost exactly as written.
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