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  • Best concert you've seen

    I think the thread title speaks for itself...

    For me this is a toss-up:


    Runner ups:
    The Cranberries at the Warfield
    Our Lady Peace at Slims
    Live at the Fillmore

    Special consideration: I never thought it would happen but seeing VH reunited with Diamond Dave (on their first reunion) was pretty badass. Although seeing them back in the early 80s would have been better. "and the cradle will ROCK!!"

    ALthough the number of bands I wish I had to the abilty to see is endless, the one band I really wish I could have seen is Alice In Chains.
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    does a festival count? woodstock 99. actually, my favorite concert ever was clinton.


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      Derek Trucks Band... too many times to count, but some of those shows were the best that I've been to. At Chastain Amphitheater, Derek made a rainbow appear when he played a solo (no joke).

      Also, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Savannah Music Festival. All of them were simply amazing.


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        I saw Gwar when I was a little dude. Nothing I've seen since has topped that experience.
        I've got of one them journal thingies. One Night At McCool's


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          I followed The World/Inferno Friendship Society around for a couple years in college. Were the concerts good? I don't know, but the experience was amazing. I don't think I'd have nearly as much fun now. I can't think of a particular concert that rocked, I enjoyed them all. I don't like the music as much now so I think I've avoided seeing them again so I don't tarnish the good memories. I also think I'm a lot more anxious now and probably couldn't happily throw down in a mosh pit anymore.

          More recently, I really enjoyed a concert with Cage the Elephant and Manchester Orchestra. I did not think mosh pits would be appropriate for that kind of music, but I saw it happen. It was awesome. The bands have great energy live.
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            Originally posted by yodiewan View Post
            Also, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones at the Savannah Music Festival. All of them were simply amazing.
            bela fleck is a great show. i saw them at a really small venue, and got completely blown away by the 2-saxophone solo.


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              As far as a whole concert experience, I say seeing Jimmy Buffett and staying with a chapter of Parrot Heads for a night or two was the best.
              As for just the music and how is was arranged and sounded, Dwight Yoakam was the best I've seen/heard.
              I might be a little different, though.
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                there have been a bunch that are all right up there

                -all of the phish weekend festivals have been amazing

                -the first dave matthews show of the before these crowded streets tour in roanoke virginia was amazing. they play at a whole other level anytime they are in virginia

                -ray lamontagne at radio city music hall was epic

                - i once saw the allman brothers play for 4 hours in the rain. yeah...4 hours... in the rain...

                i'll try to think of some other great ones. but these were the first few that jumped out at me


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                  Tool @ the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto, '09. Off the hook! Close second would be the SARS-benefit concert in 2003 (Stones, AC-DC, Rush, Tea Party, Flaming Lips, etc, etc, etc). I was supposed to be at Radiohead this past Saturday, but that stage collapse put the kibosh to that. I was and still am sooo bummed, though my disappointment has to be put into perspective due to the death of their drum tech. Incidentally, this was the second Radiohead show to be cancelled here; the first one was in '03 when the Big Blackout happened.


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                    Anthrax/Pantera back in the day (about 97 or 98?) when Dimebag Darrel was still kickin hard... he made lewd gestures at me and put his guitar pick in my hand. Yes, guitar pick... no, that is not a euphemism. I still have it.
                    They just seriously rocked the house down.

                    Also... Sting w/the Royal Philharmonic... simply brilliant.

                    Rammstein was a really good time.

                    And I love me some good Christmas concert... The Trans Siberian Orchestra experience is totally worth it for some holiday fun.
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                      August 27, 1985, Ramones, Ocean City, MD. Skipping the Johnny Truant-style explication of what was happening at the time, let's just say I was painfully sunburned and pleasantly surprised the Ramones were in town, and soon found that music has opiate qualities. Was a few feet in front of Dee Dee as the boys pounded vintage material.

                      Other great shows: Nick Cave at Danceteria, NYC, a muggy, druggy set I stumbled onto late; Ozzy's first tour w/ Randy Rhoads, which introduced me to Motorhead as the opener; premiere of Steve Reich's New York Counterpoint at Avery Fisher Hall, 1986; Neil Young with Sonic Youth; some Sinead show after her second album in Philly, Tower Theater perhaps?, amazing lungs; classical violinist Midori playing, at all places, the Mt. Gretna Playhouse theater, out in the cool woods, tiny venue; prolly a bunch I'm forgetting.

                      Worst: Bob Dylan. I love Dylan, but it started pouring rain, and there is nothing more depressing than sitting in the rain and listening to Bob Dylan. No, wose yet: the Cars. Might as well have played a CD and had little cutouts of them up there, they were like unanimated puppets.

                      Edit: Dead Boys on some mid-80s reunion at the Enola Firehouse (!), about 20 people there, before Stiv died. Pure snotty goodness.
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                        Oh, Cori's post reminded me of a nice Helmet/Sepultura/Ministry gig in Baltimore.


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                          funniest concert i ever saw was dread zeppelin. oh yeah, and the 2 opening acts were the electric chick magnets (amazing) and sly and the family stallone (a sly and the family stone cover band where each member dressed like a different stallone movie character). it was at some little club in new york. what a weird, weird night..


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                            Hanson. when i was 10

                            haha, but seriously, I saw Roger Daltrey perform The Who's Tommy and had a great time! I have loved Tommy since I was 8 years old, and being able to see Roger live and performing it was top notch. the tickets were my birthday present last year from my dad, I started crying I was so happy


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                              and Sevendust at a very small bar in Pensacola right before they went big time.
                              I was front row again... and there was little room to spare... if you didn't watch out you'd get hit by Lajons flying dreads.
                              One of the giant bouncers stole the cherry out of my Rum and coke and dude I was with got pissed... lame-o! I dumped dude and found a better one.
                              After the gig I saw Lajon with his girl out front... she was gross... a bleach and silicone barbie type... fake lips, fake boobs, a metric ton of makeup... and I was all.... WTH?
                              “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”
                              ~Friedrich Nietzsche
                              And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.