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Exhausted and then losing weight....

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  • Exhausted and then losing weight....

    I am just trying to find out if anyone goes through this -

    I find that almost every time I lose a pound or two it is preceded by a couple of days of complete lethargic feelings. I mean to the point of sitting at my desk and wanted to curl up under it.
    There are other symptoms that I have but the need for sleep has my curiosity.

    this isn't your normal I am tired kind of feeling this is if I don't go lay down I am going fall where I stand kind of feeling and after a couple of good nights rest like 8 hours or more a piece i feel like a new person minus a few pounds.

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and wonder if it could be the draw of your body's energy need to process fat loss. (which is a good thing )

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    I guess I fall into this category. My weight shifts down in the middle of my monthly cycle which also coincides with the start of PMS. My biggest PMS symptom/complaint is exhaustion to the point I just want to sleep all day. Usually lasts a day or 2.


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      It almost feels like I've been running sprints ALL DAY. And I never went to sleep the night before, although I get 8 hours of sleep pretty much every night sometimes more. I rise naturally, and no time during the day is better than any other. I feel like a wrung out dish rag. Otherwise I run around like a kid with as much energy as one, so I guess my good days outweigh the foggy ones lol - I haven't made any correlation between it and my cycles as I am post Hysto - I have the controls but no oven *wink* so it very well could be hormonal..... I will record it next time it happens.


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        yes i notice this! i was utterly exhausted for a few days - everyone has been saying ive been hitting the gym too hard...but then after a few days i feel great again and ive lost 2 or 3 lbs. I don't really have the benefit of rise naturally - i get up when my daughter does but mostly we awake around the same time of day. but those days when im exhausted it is so hard to get myself out of bed and play with her/make her breakfast.


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          I am so glad I am not weird. but I don't wish this feeling on anyone. I feel so worthless when it is happening. But i remind myself that I haven't felt this good in years and to keep moving slow and towards my goal.