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  • Hit a rut

    Hello! I started Primal at the beginning of the year. The first month and a half i did really well. I lost about twenty pounds. The past four months I've lost another five pounds and have plateaued. I'm still eating better but slowly cheats started creeping back into my diet. It's gotten to the point I give myself a cheat day but it's really bad. I know how to solve the problem as far as eating but am looking for some ideas. I'm sure some other folks have hit a roadblock. I'm just wondering how some people get over it and continue on the right path?

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    Just stop. Fo' real, I'm fr'serious, just stop if you want to.
    If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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      Remind yourself what you really want.

      My viewpoint is that I am committed to primal/clean eating for life, so if my weight loss slows or plateaus, it really means little to me, since I'd be doing this anyway.
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        Fasting for a few days helps me reset. If I can stop eating all things, I can certainly stop eating some things. That's what works for me at least.


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          Fasting is what got me through my last plateau as well. Oh wait, that was my only plateau.

          Also, I am a firm believer that a cheat day is one of the worst things you could do to yourself. I occasionally have one cheat food with an otherwise primal meal, but getting away from what is really important to me for an entire day just seems stupid.
          I wish I liked to eat liver.


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            I do a little preemptive eating when I get a bit off track. Large fat/protein breakfast, lunch, and dinner even if I'm not hungry.

            How low do you keep your carbs? Another possibility is that you need a little starch or fruit in you diet to keep yourself satisfied.

            Don't stress too much. Most everyone goes through primal slumps and bounces back. Just do the best you can and don't use a few cheats as a reason to dump everything you've worked for.
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              You could do something like whole30, a fast for 36 hours if you're well fat adapted, or do a week of lots of excersise, like walk at least an hour a day along with lifting and spinting more than normal. Or just get someone to kick you in the butt
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