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help... I've been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis... damn CRP high!

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    Originally posted by Luce View Post
    Nossar if you're in France then you should have Microflorana at hand, it did miracles to my friends with gut flora imbalances (I'm on prograf because of my transplant so I can't get close to it, but as long as you won't be using this one drug you could give it a try). Read the different labels, there are fructose free concoctions out there and all the products are gluten free..

    TNF are a good thing while waiting for something better, and apparently patients have a better outcome on them with better quality of life and less adverse effects. Being starch free could do better in managing adverse effects, I guess I should give it a try too (those damn

    On the Nsaid front all I can say is pain is a disease in itself. The fatigue, tiredness, angst and lack of sleep are really killers. It rises blood pressure, affects heart function, flushes cortisol and really messes up with a lot of stuff so do your best to keep it manage but -and this are my two cents- talk to your doctor about some alternative choice (I'd go morphine so to avoid renal failure if I could go back in time). Pain related stress can really flare up disaster, Nsaids mess up with some stuff, other pain management drugs mess with some other stuff (when on tramadol my gut hibernates).
    So you mean morphine is better to handle pain than NSAIDS?

    For the moment, they need to take the inflammation down since it is so high but then I should consider morphine, it was offered at the hospital.


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      Originally posted by Grizz View Post
      Do you have any mercury amalgams in your teeth? You are very likely suffering from Mercury Poisoning. See this link:
      Excerpts from Amalgam Illness at Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team (MessageID: 1032536)

      Another good possibility is fluoride poisoning:
      fluoride on food at Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team (MessageID: 1373107)
      Fluoride is bombarding us from everywhere, in our drinking water, food, etc.

      The best way to detox your body from Halogen Poisons of Bromide, Fluoride, Chlorine & heavy metals including mercury is the Dr. Brownstein Iodine supplement program, detailed here:
      Iodine | Stepping Stones Living, LLC

      and here:

      Get yourself tested for Halide Poisoning here:
      Hakala Research - Home

      See this:
      Bromide Poisoning May Be the Cause of Your Headaches, Bad Mood and Thyroid Problems!

      Thanks Grizz, I'm aware of the mercury problem but I have very few teeth issues still I will ask my dentist if I have.

      As for fluoride, we do not have it in tap water here, only in toothpaste and we can find fluoride free toothpaste without a problem.

      Also Iodine supplementation is dangerous on a thyroiditis.


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        AS is one of the autoimmune diseases I've been diagnosed with but they've taken that diagnosis away at the moment now that the inflammation has dropped right down. My daughter has it and keeps flexible with ballet - taking it up in her 20s - and pain control with NSAIDs. I prefer to manage things alternatively if at all possible. Weeks on very high doses of steroids stopped my pain but came at a huge cost when I had to try and come off them - they sent me manic as well (my fridge and kitchen cupboards have never been so full, my house never so tidy, me never so exhausted).

        I, too, wonder at inflammation flares when my diet is good and there is no apparent stress in my life. I really don't know why. I'm spending some time, too, on repairing my gut. I suspect, no, know, I still have a candida overgrowth problem and I need to be much tighter on reducing blood sugar spikes.

        I know of one doctor who successfully treats thyroiditis with iodine supplements along with a diet very similar to paleo, so it can't be that dangerous in all circumstances. And I took iodine with my thyroiditis - now no more thyroiditis. I still need supplemental natural thyroid but only half the amount I needed before I took the iodine.


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          I not only suspect but have evidence of candida overgrowth, be it only vaginal with an almost disappeared Doderlein flora