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  • This Could Be In My Head But....

    I have been eating Primal/Paleo for 6 days with no "cheats" until last night while we were at a friends gathering in our neighborhood. I had a couple of beers and some chips and dip. Figured this is an 80/20 rule thing and as long as I don't fall back into a bad habit this should be fine. Immediately upon eating the chips and drinking beer I noticed a significant amount of phlegm building in my throat (sorry to be gross). It became a little more difficult to swallow. Later that evening my heart was racing before bed and I regretted every bite. This morning I have a little heartburn but ate my primal breakfast and feel better.

    Could it really be THAT noticeable that quickly or is it in my head? I am still a little phlegmy today but it seems to be subsiding.

    Let me know.


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    Sounds like acid reflux. It will give you a phlegmy, gagging, lump-in-your throat feeling, and sometimes a dry cough, heartburn, etc. Could have been from any of the foods you mentioned. You likely had it before you changed your diet but became immune to the symptoms. I know all about it, and it sucks. The good news is that it's temporary and avoiding known triggers will keep it from returning. If you can run some tests to be sure you dont have ulcers, I'd do that but avoid any antacids the doc might want to prescribe.

    Also, I know it sou ds counterintuitive, but try taking 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar in the morning and before bed. It helps alleviate acid reflux discomfort.
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      I have a friend who suddenly started getting congested every time she has a beer. I always took it as a sign of a mild allergy.
      It would be interesting to see if this is a consistent reaction.


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        not in your head. except the actual phlegm-mucous stuff.

        i spent a lifetime battling colds and all sorts of bronchial issues. coughing so hard i burst blood vessels. vomiting blood. i choked on mucous most days when i work up. nice. this was my normal. ditching grains almost 3 years ago i haven't had so much as a sniffle.
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          I drank 1/2 a rye stout last night, to chase a shot of tequila, and immediately got a sleepy, puffy-face feeling. Woozy, not tipsy. I felt the same way drinking a Coors that a neighbor brought over to shoot the shit. And I used to drink 2 or 3 beers a night & didn't notice the same feeling. Now that I'm mostly primal, it hits me like a ton of bricks. Definitely helps keep me from falling off that wagon!
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            Straight spirits and good red wine. Was a beer drinker (and a snotty NW one too:-) before Primal. Now even 1 good microbrew makes me feeel like CRAP!!!! Just not worth it anymore.
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              Originally posted by SoccerGrok View Post
              Straight spirits and good red wine. Was a beer drinker (and a snotty NW one too:-) before Primal. Now even 1 good microbrew makes me feeel like CRAP!!!! Just not worth it anymore.
              Yeah, I love a good homebrew too, not to mention all the tasty local products. My partner is primal but can still tolerate beer just fine. A sip or 2 of hers is about my max now. Luckily I love red wine and rye bourbon. It's hard not to work through my pre-primal homebrew pantry though - rye stout, 2 kinds of single-hop IPA, 2 batches of cider, cyser, rose petal wine, plus assorted homemade wines from a neighbor.

              Looking into a still soon

              For the OP, if you can stand it, try an experiment. On a day where you've been really primal, try a little beer & see what happens. That's how I've been able to judge what cheats are worth planning for (pizza & meat pies from my fave places, beer not so much) and which are worth dumping forever. Good luck!
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                Thank you all for the responses. I'm glad this is not in my head. I have noticed that certain beverages are harder to swallow now. Beer being one of them. Sometimes wine too. I am finally back to feeling 100% with no phlegm and no heartburn. It took almost a full day. I still have some bloat from the "cheat" last night but it's slowly going away. Wow, after 6 days my body already knows good food from bad. That's crazy.

                I also noticed that after switching to Primal/Paleo that my most recent week of CrossFit was the best I had performed yet. Could be because I am slowly improving and the workouts played to my strengths but I noticed a difference.

                This stuff seems to work. Now I just need to identify "worth it" cheats and avoid the ones that ruin me.



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                  For at least 35 years I had a chronic problem of having to clear my throat. And I was always stuffed up in winter as a kid before that. Since going off grains in December I seldom have to clear my throat anymore. Yesterday I drank 3 beers and ate just of bit of chex mix (about a palm's worth). Last night I woke up with a poopy bellyache feeling. About a month ago I ate some chicken fried chicken. I guess there was just enough batter on it that I was belching that night and awoke the next morning with puffy eyes.

                  When I first went paleo (as and experiment) in December within a week I was feeling better, my concentration was improved, and I had excess energy to burn. I can't say I got the carb flue. But I did have some weird side affects. Although I felt fine during the day I got little sleep at night, I got night sweats about 3-4 times during the week, and some bouts of diarrhea for about a week and a half. I also craved dark chocolate for several months and would pop a few chocolate covered almonds every night.
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