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    BP fluctuates throughout the day. Putting someone on BP medication based on office only readings is just irresponsible in my opinion. I used to work with an osteopath that would not put someone on BP medication until they had been monitored with an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. Only after getting 24 hours worth of data would he consider putting them on BP medications. And if my doctor yelled at me, I would fire him. I'm paying him for his services, if I don't like what he is doing, I'll fire his ass and find another doctor.

    Also BP readings in the office can be higher due to something called "white coat hypertension". Basically you are a bit tense due to being in the doctors office and it can raise your BP.

    I would get a second opinion and possibly a new doctor.
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      Well here's a question, are your blood glucose and cholesterol high compared to what they were pre-primal? Because there's a very good chance that someone who made it to 300lbs (and I honestly don't mean any offense by this) would have quite a bit of damage to undo.
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        Next time you go see him, look up and print out the studies and it's explained PB content from Mark. Go to your doc with this and questions written down. I did this and my doc looked at it, was impressed and is working with me. He also is suggesting PB lifestyle to other patients of his. He may also try it himself.

        Be organised, be educated and go in with all your data to hand. I have lost almost 60 lbs since Jan 2012 and have another 80 or so to go. This works, works well and if you need potassium eat a banana a day.
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          I'm pretty shocked a doctor would put you on BP meds with those figures. Have a read of what Malcolm Kendrick (author of The Great Cholesterol Con) has to say on the matter. Does treating high blood pressure do any good? Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

          Ditch the pills & stick to the clean eating & it'll almost certainly sort itself out. Mine dropped from 143/83 to 116/63 within 3 months of kicking all the crap food & sugar out the door, & that was nothing to do with weight loss as I didn't have any to lose. I'd definitely get a BP monitor; white coat syndrome can make a big difference, especially next time now that you're worried about it anyway. Take a reading a couple of times a day, making sure you sit down & chill out for a while first.


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            I agree! Putting you on BP meds with that kind of reading is truly uncalled for. Plus, do you really want to take nutritional advice from a doctor who would put you on a (unnecessary) potassium-depleting medication without prescribing the supplemental potassium that is needed to accompany most of the diuretic BP meds?! Or at the very least they should have monitored your potassium more closely before it got to dangerously low levels. Seriously, most doctors just want to throw pills at every problem, rather than addressing underlying causes (I know... I work in a pharmacy....). And stay away from the statins--seriously, talk about a drug company scam!