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How are the Diabetics making out?

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  • How are the Diabetics making out?

    Been on primal for a week now and off my diabetes meds for 7 months (unsuccessfully). Fasting sugars have been around 170 last couple months (A1c=7.0). BUT...Since starting primal my fasting blood sugars have gone from 170 Monday morning to 132 today!!!!! When on metformin I consistently was in the 130's? If this keeps working Im never going back!! Super pumped!!!

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    I can't share how I make out. That's sorta between my husband & I.


    Since I've gotten pregnant, I've been eating tons more fat. Also I started doing some essential oils. Between the two, my numbers have been coming down and I'm getting closer to reaching my fasting sugar goals. I was 127-140 in the morning, but now I'm down in the 117-ish range and working my way toward 90.
    I tell ya, that 90 for fasting is brutal.
    --Trish (Bork)


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      My dad is "pre-diabetic" and has been ignoring it for years, dismissing his swelling feet as "just old age". Recently he started getting shooting peripheral neuropathy pains in his feet that got his attention and made him decide to give my "crazy caveman diet" a try. Within 24 hours the pains were subsiding. Within a week they he had no pain and no swelling in his feet. Within a month his blood pressure came down by 20 points and is now measuring in the healthy range for active young people. The doctor has taken him off of his blood pressure meds with no ill effects. And my dad is 86. Never too late to change.


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        I am pre-diabetic as well... have been for a long time, and there are a lot of issues I've been ignoring that really say I'm no longer pre-diabetic and probably actually a full-blown diabetic :|

        Primal has helped though. Things are improving. I don't test my blood sugar so I don't know (I'm too scared, I don't want them to tell me I'm diabetic), but things are changing. I use to get swollen feet/ankles (I'm only 20)... and other symptoms I won't go into huge detail about. I also suspect my deteriorating eye sight was/is a diabetes thing.

        But yeah, I can tell it's working. I think if I can get this weight off, and maintain this lifestyle (really not an option there) then I'll beat it before I ever actually get diagnosed as "diabetic"... wouldn't that be lovely.
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          Those are some positive responses. I tested again at 132 this morning and am still thrilled. Ive got a ways to go but I feel better and I guess that's the important part. I remembered being told I was pre-diabetic...I went zone diet and lost a lot. It was our (my wife and I) first venture into cooking well. I just couldn't make it stick and now, diabetic. But screw it! Right now I am stronger and more fit and primal is allowing my body to get back under control. It'll be interesting to see the numbers at my next Dr. appt. in August. Thanks for sharing.