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  • ...and I was doing so well

    I got a really stressful time last month and had to travel and take care of people needs and folly -day and night, full time 24/7 damn duty time- due to familiar, work, friendship and mixed stuff messed up situations.
    It was awful.
    My family came to visit and I really couldn't share real quality time with them, so where other people expecting attention and sometimes even support for bad choices made against my advice so I got pissed off too. Food was no friendly, sleep was not an option and everything got messed up.
    Then I started to feel bad. Worse than bad. My belly was bloated to it's limit, I entered the bathroom to wash my teeth only, my legs started to swell, and back pain got excruciating. Really bad. Worse. My body couldn't really deal anymore with internal pressure and I wasn't really able to move. I got three sizes up -from a 65 cm waist to a 78 cm waist, nauseated all the time and worsening.
    At the hospital I got one of the few things I can get to control pain (paracetamol). It wasn't controlling a zip -tramadolo did something but it wasn't helping with my bathroom routine, so I suspended it. My exams were bad, transaminases high up in the sky, awful inflammation markers, terrible cpk. So diet and observation.
    I got on white rice, that didn't help. At last I got some old school bathroom helper (magnesium compound) and well, it turned up I had something like ten days undigested food all up in my pour belly, torturing my spine and nerves, putting an enormous extra load of pressure on my core muscles and somehow poisoning me.
    After this diagnosis was "gastroenteritis, probably viral", each time I got to the bathroom transaminases went down a little bit more, back pain disappeared and the bloating and swelling got a lot better.
    Next time I'll go out of my way to control stress, but over it all I'll go out of my way to keep a healthy diet without that much fruit and with no treats because it's obvious to me my body is not fit for the kind of diet other people sustains with no apparent consequences, maybe it's because of the medicines, or genetic, or whatever but truth is I can't allow my lovely new kidney to go to pots just because: I owe to its previous owner some more respect than I have showed. It stopped cold when my liver was fighting infection and carb overload, it was scary.
    This said I'm on the bandwagon again, finding alternative ways to get probiotics -I'm trying some full fat unsweetened yogurt with added live probiotics, avoiding fruit as much as possible and sticking to vegetable broth, meat, some zucchini.
    Anyone knows what else could I add to my diet, which does not affect insulin and helps me meet my nutritional needs?

    Thank you very much
    No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.

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    Kombucha and kimchi might help, but easy with the kimchi, as it's fermented cabbage, and that might be too rough for you to digest in large quantities.


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      I'm looking for those but it's easier to get sauer-kraut (which I cannot eat). My pharmacist will build a new gazebo out of my contributions.
      Thank you
      No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.


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        Have you ever tried kefir as opposite to yogurt? It's cheaper if you make it yourself, and you can control which type of milk you are using.
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          I'm trying but "raw milk" sends the doctors and my family up the walls. After this last episode and with my liver still recovering they really don't want nothing raw close to me: that's bad because if they exclude fat from my diet I'll be in serious trouble.

          When I was little I wanted to grow up so I would eat whatever I wanted, go figure
          No limits, only my will and the worlds I build.