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    I respectfully disagree with some of the advice about eating primal carbs. Yes, it often isn't necessary to go low carb while eating this way but if you are experiencing binge type cravings you may have a serious problem. When I first went paleo I was thrilled to be able to eat fruit because I had been low carbbing before. I turned out fine - lost over 20 lbs. but my sister was another story. She'd eat like me and every evening would struggle with late night carb cravings. Now that she's on the reset she's been able to deal with the cravings much better.

    I will look up the reset rules for you and come back. MamaGrok also did paleo for many months-and lost some weight but kept coming back to cravings that "just one bite" turned into a binge and had to do the leptin reset to finally overcome it.

    Also, this is BOTH physical and psychological. I have discovered that I have to fight the psychological (I feel left out at social events or I want to "treat" myself, etc.) still even though the physical cravings have gone away. Fighting both is torture.

    ok, found it. This is MamaGrok's list:
    Leptin Resistance goals:
    - Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein
    - Breakfast w/i 30m of rising
    - 5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch
    - 5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner
    - finished dinner by 7:30? (what's she saying is she needs to finish at least 3.5 hours before bedtime)
    - no snacking
    - 3.5+ hrs between dinner & bedtime
    - exposure to morning temp & sun
    - darkening the house at sunset?
    - <50g carb per day, 100% primal
    - no PUFA's other than fCLO (fCLO is fermented cod liver oil-it took me awhile to figure it out)

    I'd add that you are not supposed to exercise during this time and it can take between 6-8 weeks. Apparently you can overstress your muscles if you do. Jack Kruse is the guru for this stuff. If you go to his website you can find his LeptinRx post. I'm warning you though that he reads like someone who desperately needs an editor. Kind of like throwing paint at a canvas-style writing sometimes.
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      It tried to post a reply earlier about the primal journal, but some reason it was flagged for moderation and still hasn't shown. If you check out the forum for Primal Journals, there is a thread that details how to get started. Also just check out others journals. People tweak them in different ways. The main key though is to consistently share and detail what you're eating. How you're doing.
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        One thing that I did that has really helped curb my carb binges is to not eat ANY carbs until dinner. Maybe a small portion of like veggies at lunch, but otherwise breakfast and lunch (if I have lunch) are 100% protein only.

        sausage links

        pkg Hormel Natural Choice turkey breast (nitrate/nitrite free)
        1/2 green pepper
        almonds for fat

        sweet potato occasionally but not often.

        If I don't eat a lot of carbs during the day, I don't have time to crave them before it's too late to eat (I also prefer not to eat 3 hours before bed). This has SIGNIFICANTLY assisted with my carb binges.

        Also, you could try a Whole30 (whole30). It's 30 days of strict paleo to help break sugar addictions and jump start a paleo lifestyle. I think it has helped to reset my leptin, so it's kind of like 2 programs in one.
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