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    So... went to the schooldoctor today for the first time. Keep in mind that she did not know anything about me, a teacher referred me to her so all she knew was that this teacher thought I lost too much weight. I'm sorry for my poor explaining in english.
    I told her that I made the decision to eat healthier which caused to me to lose weight but I am gaining already. She then also asked things like "are you being obsessed with weight or calories" and "do you make yourself throw up?" these were all routine questions she said. Also she told me that everythinh is a 100% secret between me and her . But i now realize that I have answered some questions falsely. For example I told her that I was only busy with eating healthy but not with calories at all. which isn't true. And I didn't lie because I didn't want her to know the truth but simply because I was under pressure and when I'm under pressure I don't really think about what I'm saying.
    She gave me her email for if I want to make a next appointment, which I think i want, I'm not sure yet. But it's awkward if I suddenly start telling things that are conpletely different from what I told her today.

    Oh and btw, She asked what I eat for breakfast and I said "usually eggs cheese and vegetables". And she replied: you know you should watch out for the cholesterol right?" i just nodded and smiled but I now know she can't possibly good eating advice.

    K so I didn't really ask for anything in this thread but I think it was worth posting maybe you got advice
    well then

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    Well done for going to counselling
    It doesn't matter that you forgot a few details. You can just explain that you forgot or you don't think you were clear enough last time.
    Ugh the eating advice is one of the reasons I don't want to get help. I don't want to be lectured on CW nutrition.


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      this really isn't about eating, so stick to psychologists. they know to stick to their expertise.


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        Originally posted by zoebird View Post
        this really isn't about eating, so stick to psychologists. they know to stick to their expertise.
        She is a paychologist. Well, at least she's from an organization called "mental healthcare" (translated to english)
        well then


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          She won't care, psychologists & psychiatrists are used to people trying to give them the "right" answers at first.

          Just keep going back and say whatever you feel like saying each time, whether it's contradictory or not, they know what it's like, and they'll make sense of everything even if you do contradict yourself.
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            Hi Gadsie,

            I'm proud that you have decided to talk to a counselor. One thing is really important, though, is to remember that you have to get along with the person you choose to have counseling with. This is REALLY important. Even though counselors/psychologists are supposed to be able to separate their own values and expertise from their practice, this does not happen, mostly because if they can combine their own values and personalities to their counseling style, it makes them infinitely better counselors.

            Therefore finding a counselor that "clicks" with you, and is able to understand and appreciate your unique ideas (in this case, your eating habits) is really important.

            For many counselors, appreciating and giving credit to your knowledge about nutrition may be difficult, and subsequently, you may find it difficult to talk to them because they have tendency to discount anything you say... Again, you need to find someone you get along with. I do not know where you live, but YOU have the right to choose your counselor, and if you are unhappy with one, you have the right to find another one.

            When you talk to your counselor, do take your time to carefully explain what you know and what you believe. If you can provide a sound scientific base for your opinion in regards to nutrition, a mindful counselor should respect that. They are mostly concerned about you having unrealistic ideas, as the age of 15 (no offense) is not associated with the best formulated opinions in general.

            Good luck,


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              It is likely that if she is the school counselor that she will talk with you a few times and then refer you to someone out in the community. Just go back and admit that you count calories and whatever else. Everybody lies to counselors, you know. It's part of the deal because everybody who sees a counselor comes to realize they've been lying to themselves.
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                Takes guts to go see someone for the first time, so and as other have said, everyone lies to their therapist Go back, say what you need to, you will probably get refered on to a specialist soon as I imagine the school one is a generalsit not an ED specialist. I would suspect that an ED therapist would not make an issue about cholesteral at this point Just leave the school therapist random paleo diet book before you go
                You know all those pictures of Adam and Eve where they have belly button? Think about it..................... take as long as you need........................