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Wow....I just have to post this "health" food

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    Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
    Arsenic, sulphuric acid and nails. Can you beat that ingredient list?
    Nails have iron in them at least. The acid will help with digestion.


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      I saw "Primal strips" in my organic store the other day and was all "finally! A decent jerky that I don't need to make myself!".

      They were VEGAN "imitation jerky". What?!
      I don't get vegans. I just don't.
      I didn't even bother reading the ingredients...
      Living the primal lifestyle and loving it! On a constant quest of optimal health and living life to the fullest :-).

      You can have excuses or results -- not both.


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        I'm new here, hi. :P Maybe I can shed some light on the "why" of faux meats.

        I was raised as a vegetarian. As in, my mom and dad decided to become vegetarian before I was born, and I never knew any different. But you are surrounded by commercials for meat products all the time, and of course they look delicious. Of course we all want to eat the mouth watering burger on the telly. Hence, meat substitutes. They are convenient, they can simulate the experience of a real bbq holiday, if not duplicate the taste - but if you're like me, raised that way, you don't know any different. Vegetarianism in these modern times is hardly about vegetables. Being a vegetarian now basically means subsiding on wheat/soy products and vegetables themselves remain just a side dish.

        When I was 16 I put my foot down and started eating meat, and now there is no way I'd ever go back to a meatless diet. I wasn't doing it for moral reasons like my parents, I was just forced to do it. I LOVE meat. =P Even so, Morningstar Farms products are still comfort food to me. I eat them and think warm homey thoughts. Of course now that I've been primal for about 3 months I don't eat them at all and truth be told I don't REALLY miss them, aside from nostalgia.


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          Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
          Most people who eat them think soy and wheat gluten are good foods given it has been shoved in our brains for so long. Back when I was veg, we actually called that company about GMO soy and they called us back and answered our questions and seemed to care about the quality of their product.

          People who eat alot of the foods we eschew aren't stupid or reckless- they literally just get their information about what is good from a different source. Back when I was a veg I had all sorts of info on why soy is so good, and why say, bacon is not. And a lot of people swapped SAD for soy foods and saw their health improve.

          I'm not so sure certain brands of meat hot dogs are that much better than a soy dog. I've seen commercial hog operations. If we are what we eat, I'm not sure what those poor hogs are.

          So I dunno- I would not eat them ever again, nor would I eat a Ball Park frank. But I think vegetarianism is a reaction to SAD and avoidance of the very real issue of factory farmed meats. It's not that far off in some ways from primal. The fake meats aren't much different from bizarre primal baked goods.

          Most of the vegetarians that do it for health don't like the fake meats, but do it for convenience or novelty. I don't think they eat a soy dog at a BBQand think it is the epitome of health, I think they find it a good alternative to meat that is raised in deplorable conditions and fed god knows what. I mean, primal people aren't eating hot dogs either... they are having a grass fed steak.

          Awesome post. People here regard vegans and vegetarians as if they're some inferior species of animal.

          Also, if I were forced to eat either an Oscar Meyer hot dog or one of those "soy hot dog" things, I'd pick the vegan one in a heartbeat. Both are awful for your health in their own ways, but at least the vegan one didn't come from 1,000 tortured pigs.


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            [QUOTE=onalark;862599]Veggie dogs almost universally taste like raw Play-Doh.


            Yeah but isn't cooked play doh awesome :-)