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  • I have hit a wall

    I am allergic to soy and have rarely eaten packaged foods most of my adult life. I also went gluten free several years ago so when I started on a paleo/primal program 2 months ago, it was easy. That said, I seem to have hit a wall. My energy has suddenly disappeared. I thought it was too few carbs, so I added a daily 1/2 cup - 1 cup of berries, but that hasn't helped. My meals are 50-50 protein and veg (hoping to lose weight by keeping my carbs down for awhile). My sleeping is fine, great even. A solid amount each night and for about 6 weeks, I was waking up refreshed and energized, but this last week, I started waking up, struggling to wake up, needing more than a double espresso to get me going. Is this normal?

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    What do you mean by "50-50 protein and veg?" Skinless chicken breast and broccoli? Are you eating fat? Starches?
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      Lol, no. Let's see...breakfast today was 4 small nitrate-free sausage links sauteed with a handful of arugula and some leftover "riced" cauliflower and 4 buttered radishes. Dinner last night was lamb patties made with ground lamb, walnuts, the "riced" cauliflower, onion and spices, shaped and pan fried in coconut oil, served with a side of sauteed baby kale. BTW, I hate chicken.

      Having looked at previous posts on this issue, I know it's not a vit D deficiency (I live in south Texas, only hermits here avoid the sun) and it's not going from a carb-heavy to carb-light diet as I wasn't eating grains, nor rice nor potatoes prior to this, just the occasional bowl of oatmeal.

      Lack of potassium? I looked up potassium-rich, low carb foods on nutritiondata and found, caribou aside, that smoked fish should be my best friend.


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        you need more than 1/2- 1 cup of berries. Try adding 1/2 a medium sweet potato at your last meal of the day or a banana before bed. I avoid starched during the day because they make me crave sweets later in the day. I had that initial energy "I FEEL AMAZING" surge in the beginning when I was VLC and in ketosis. Then it waned and I struggled. Started having heart palpitations, didn't feel like exercising. Upping my starches helped immensely. Also, make sure you are getting plenty of fat from actual food sources fatty cuts of meat, avocados, fatty fish, etc. I focused on food source fats the last few weeks and dropped most oils except for cooking and the occasional pat of butter on something and I feel much better.


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          I wondered if it could be ketosis. I'm not losing weight, yet. A few pounds yes, but nothing like some people who talk of dropping 20+lb/month from the beginning. We were eating more sweet potatoes and squash when I started this - a concession to my husband who wasn't quite on board, but I also wanted to lose more than a couple of pounds so I stopped. I can definitely add some shredded carrots/sweet potato to ground beef. And I'm on board with the fat. If the butcher has trimmed every bit off a steak, I don't buy it. I love cooking with butter (Kerrygold rules!) and in 6 weeks, we have used 1 1/2 jars of coconut oil.


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            I don't know what to suggest diet wise, but there are a couple of things that could affect your weight loss, since you say that you would like to lose. One is that I am guessing you are female (even though you have a "husband" I don't want to assume) and women tend to lose slower than men. Another is dependant on how much you have to lose in the first place. I have lost 16 pounds now and started with a change in what I eat on Jan 22. Over four months that is just barely one pound per week. Some weeks less, some weeks more.

            So, try not to worry about the weight.
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              You also need more fat likely- add coconut oil and butter in greater quantities than what you eat now.


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                Not everybody loses tons of weight fast. That mostly happens to men and to people with lots to lose and lots of water weight to lose. You probably don't have much water weight at all to lose so your weight loss will be slower.

                Your lack of energy could be due to the change of seasons, it could be time of the month, it could be the low carb of your diet, it could be the low calories of your diet.
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                  Agreed. For people near their healthy weight, a few pounds a month is not unusual. In my paleo journey, I've actually averaged 1 to 2 pounds of weight loss per month. This, while adding muscle and losing waist inches. Sometimes, I'll weigh the same for a long time, suddenly losing some weight unexpectedly. I started Primal Blueprint at 190, and now I weigh 170, after about a year and a half. My last plateau was at about 182, and increasing my protein, cutting nuts and dairy way back and going down to one meal a day broke it. I get 2500 to 3000 calories in that meal, it's just all at once so I spend a lot of time in a fasted state getting really good at using body fat for fuel.

                  Also, try carb cycling. I do it every week and it's great. I'll do two of three, sometimes four days of near zero carb - or at least very low carb, and then the rest of the week I'm adding back the starches and more robust veggies.

                  And don't forget the liver! Even a half-pound of liver per week will seriously keep all your systems running at good speed. For the two or three days after liver day, I don't sit down or shut up much. The rarer the better.
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                    Hmmm most people are offering advice about weight loss, but I think you seem more worried about the energy loss, am I right?

                    I have struggled with fatigue and energy problems for a long time (3-4 yrs), and primal has definitely helped me. That said, I do occasionally get back into lapses where I get fatigued again.

                    Have you had any blood tests or anything recently? I am almost ALWAYS anaemic, regardless of red meat/spinach/etc intake, and sometimes need to get a series of iron injections. I am often low in vit d too (I live in NZ, lots of sun, I'm outside a reasonable amount, and we have the hole in the ozone and all, so I shouldn't really be low in vit d). If it continues and you're worried, you could consider checking those 2 things.

                    Also, sustained low carb can affect your thyroid, according to some people, which I'm sure you know. So you could get that checked if you decided to have a blood test. I think you do need more than 1/2 cup of berries to alert your body to a higher carb intake though, it doesn't seem like enough.

                    Carb cycling is definitely a good idea, I utilise that too. Same as the person above, 3-5 days low carb (try to be under 50g, but often end up under 20g), and then 2-4 days higher carb (75-150g) by having sweet potato, carrots, probiotic yoghurt, berry/banana/feijoa smoothie, and sometimes some quinoa. It helps with the weight loss as well (funny thing is I tend to drop the weight after the higher carb days).

                    Another possibility, are you taking a good multivitamin? I mean they're not necessary for some people, but you could be lacking something quite simple that's throwing everything out of whack.

                    Any way, good luck! I know how annoying fatigue is. I hate it when I have so much stuff to do and I can barely keep my eyes open. I went through a period a few years ago where I was sleeping 16 hours a day!
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                          On a serious note, my guestimate would be that possibly your basal metabolic rate is slowing down. This could be hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue....possibly brought on by not enough calories, overexertion, or too much mental stress.

                          My other guess would be to try a short binge period if maybe your body simply thinks it is preparing for a long time without much food. I would label this leptin, but I don't want to narrow it to just that. Maybe this will restock your reserves and make you energized again. If you do binge, make sure they are very pleasurable foods so that you feel very, very satisfied.

                          Oh, a third suggestion is to see what is up with those electrolytes. You need balance. I believe a low carb diet flushes them faster too, but don't quote me on that. Low electrolytes can make your arms/legs feel tingly and dead.


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                            Just eat carbs. Unless you are morbidly obese.

                            If all you are eating are leafy veggies and a half cup of berries, you are VLC. Add in a sweet potato or a regular potato or a banana or more fruit.

                            And its pretty rare that people lose 20lbs a month, and if they are they are usually men with a lot to lose or people just starting and flushing out water weight.

                            If you want good energy and weight loss and don't have a lot to lose, you just need to be patient and think in terms of a pound or two a week which won't be an even loss and just get to a way of eating you can maintain for the rest of your life. Tweaking things to a miserable diet to maximize fat loss is just going to end up with you abandoning the program.

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                              Hi LauriP, this may seem like nonsense but I find this happens to me sometimes when I've been less active than normal, for example a quiet week at work. The whole 'not having anything to get up for' if you get me? Other times I've reacted to the weather, i.e. if it's a rainy week after a few weeks of sun. I tend to combat it with a dose of exercise or sport, seems to do the trick!
                              Hope this is helpful!
                              Perky x