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    All of these are great ideas to check. I do eat a considerable amount of butter and coconut oil, but find my eating tends to slow down (day 1 - I'm starving, day 2 - I'm hungry, day 3, I'm satisfied with 1 large meal, day 4 - I never want to see food of any kind again, day 5 and 6 - surprise! I'm fatigued, day 7 - force myself to eat and day 8 is day 1 all over again). I realized this only after looking back over the past couple of weeks.

    Yes, it got disgustingly hot here this month and I'm not a work-out-in-the-heat type. It has definitely affected me and I find that the old I get, the slower I am to acclimate to a Texas summer.

    I'm going with the too low carbs, heat, need to eat more calories on some days and the assumption that the very slow weight loss is normal. I made and ate sweet potato fries with our fish last night and even had some mango and a bit of chocolate. That was my high carb day. I'll do it again later in the week.