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LONDON groks, I need help! not primal blueprint related. please!

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  • LONDON groks, I need help! not primal blueprint related. please!

    Hi, this has nothing to do with being primal but I am desperate and looking for help from anyone in London that is able and willing to help me out.

    I am traveling to London for the olympics and have "secured" a flat in Kensington. I was always a bit suspicious because the price was almost too good. Nevertheless, we went ahead and sent via wire transfer about 800 pounds as a deposit.

    I have now run into a thread on trip advisor discussing the company I used and how it sounds like it may be a scam. I know the place I am being 'sold' exists, as I have googled the address and it all checks out. However, I am questioning at this point if the person I paid has any authority to actualy let the flat. I've gone through the troubles of paying to see if the company is legit, and I did find the incorporation papers but along with it 3 changes of address, these all since their incorporation in april of 2011... I am wondering if anyone is able to go to the letting office for me and perhaps if possible also check out the flat. Of course I would call the letting company and see if visiting the flat is even possible. At this point my main concern is figuring out if the company is actually legit and planning on staying in business for the long run. I don't want to get to London ready to have a good time and find out I have no accomodation and my money stolen.

    Any one who is willing and able to help, please let me know. Round of drinks on me! red wine of course...

    Loving my primal life

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    Not from London (30 miles away south) but it wouldn't hurt to contact the Citizens advice for advice. They may be able to push you in the right direction to find out where to get confirmation as to whether the letting agents is a real company. The following site will allow you to communicate online:

    Kensington and Chelsea Citizens Advice Bureau

    Also, consider raising your concerns with your bank.


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      NOt from London either - but I heard a radio programme a few months back where some "agent" had taken deposits from various people for a flat in Chelsea. They all turned up expecting to take possession of the flat - and it was a scam.

      Not saying that this is what is happening here - but you do need to check it out ASAP and see if your bank can get your money back for you if so.

      I agree with the above post - Citizens Advice would be a good move.


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        I live in West London so could help you out. Send me a private e-mail...