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    Originally posted by Moochy View Post
    Wow, if you know someone you love or care for is killing themselves why would you not want to do something about that. What kind of world do you live in? Geeze.
    I live in a world where an adult is the only responsible for his own well being.
    I don't yell and curse when a person I love light up a cigarette. It's their choice.
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      Originally posted by June68 View Post
      When people say 'oh I could never give up pasta' or whatever, just say that yeah, they probably couldn't. that changing to this way of eating requires a lot of self-love, discipline, open-mindedness and decisiveness and that most people just don't have it in them. It's true, the person is admitting it, so why not agree?
      Hah! Well put.


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        i was sorta in the same boat as you, i had just started looking for a relationship, was growing somewhat tired of the one night stand...i wanted the companionship and to have someone there, especially since the vast, vast majority of my friends had left town after graduation. So i started looking, but all of a sudden i couldn't hook up with girls for the life of me - that idea of girls being able to smell that stuff almost seemed true. Eventually, i found a girl - no prior history except for being friends. So i ask her out to lunch, get the ball rolling to "catch up," have some drinks with some of her friends and mine, we even went to a few hockey and baseball games. All very informal, all very casual, but it forced the one on one time that laid the foundation of our soon-to-be relationship. We didn't talk every day or anything like that and i made sure to keep my distance a little just so i wouldn't get trapped in the horrid friend zone - i let her initiate the contact for the most part. Eventually, we just fell into it, and we've been together for just over 9 months now.
        Starting Date: Dec 18, 2010
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          I'm only on Primal Day #10, so I remember the "before time" of loving the SAD and craving highly refined everything (I'm still craving it frequently). But it's doubtful anyone could have told me anything and me actually listen. It was just a matter of finally getting fed up and hating not living well.

          Even now I'm trying to start some conversations with friends and roommates (see my roommate thread) and it amazes me how entrenched the CW is, but partially I'm in awe because that used to be me.

          The one thing that never happened though, is not a single friend, ever earnestly, caringly, said "hey man, I'm really concerned about your weight, let's talk" or "let's start working out" or "are you up for talking about diet and health" or anything. Once I'm further along and people start seeing results, perhaps I'll take some more opportunities to talk to people. But for now, I'm still learning and just talking primal (without calling it primal or paleo) when the chance comes up.
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            Just keep being a good example and offer the information if it is asked for. If you are in the beginning steps, and don't have the results to back it up yet: keep quiet. Feeling better (sadly) doesn't hold as much sway as dropping the extra pounds/clearing up skin problems/etc.