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Has anyone tried Formula 303?

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  • Has anyone tried Formula 303?

    My massage therapist recommended Formula 303 as a natural muscle relaxant for my recent rib injury. It is a combination of valerian root, passion flower, and magnesium carbonate. I looked it up on Amazon, and the reviews are really mixed. I suppose it would be just as easy to buy these three supplements separately, because it is a bit expensive. Has anyone tried it before?

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    What do you do? Eat it or rub it on?

    Here's a fairly unorthodox answer ... but it seems to me that what muscle-relaxants do is attempt to work directly upon you with the unstated assumption that what we're dealing with when we deal with a human being is a fairly static system that can be acted upon externally.

    I don't think that's true -- or not exhaustive, anyway. The amount of muscular tension in your body, and in any particular part of your body, is something that can be consciously controlled. There's an internal way in as well as an external way. It's not necessarily easy, and part of the problem is that we can have tension without really being aware of it. But once you're aware that it's there, you can let it go -- just like that.

    I don't know your situation and can only comment in general. What I will say is that if I had problems with excess tension I would try to take steps to release it myself before trying external means. In many cases I think that would be more direct, easier and cheaper. I would attempt to get in a comfortable position -- and that would be in what the Alexander people call "constructive rest". That term can be googled to get more information. What it means basically is lying on your back with your knees drawn up and your head resting on two to three paperback books. That's a position of mechanical advantage, that gives good support, allows release, and permits the spine to return to its full length.

    I think that's probably one of the most comfortable positions one can get into: but if there's injury and it's at all painful for whatever reason, find some other position.

    You lie there, perhaps with some soft music playing in the background, and consciously think of letting go into the floor -- and of getting longer and wider (those visualizations help). That should allow excess muscular tension in general to release and your body to rebalance. If lying there you become aware of any area that's particularly tight, you can "think into it" and tell it to release. It will.

    That would be my primary tactic.


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      I've used everything in it seperately, but the only one I would use for muscle relation would be the Mg, and then I'd use the di-malate formulation.
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        Thanks for the input! Lewis, I looked up the Alexander technique, and it sounds very interesting. I am going to do more reading and try it this evening. I appreciate the help.
        Apex, I was wondering what precisely the muscle relaxant was in the formula. Seems like valarian is used more for a sleep aid (which would also be helpful, as sleep is uncomfortable right now), but I think I have some Mg in my medicine cabinet. Might try that alone first. Thank you!


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          Yes, Valarian is used for sleep, and passionflower for mood. Weird to mix those together, IMO. Passionflower messed with my sleep, IIRC.
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