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  • Excuses people make

    When you loose 55lbs of fat and your fiance goes from a 16 to a 6 people ask allot of questions.....I then answer them and get immediate excuses as follows:

    "I can't give up bread"......
    "I cant give up pasta"......
    "I can't give up sugar"......
    "I can't give up pizza"......
    "I'm a vegetarian".....

    I usually respond with...."instead of pasta I just eat a really nice steak", or "I have something better than a pizza...called a meatza" etc

    I am having a really hard time not saying...."it's all good just stay fat....what? asked how I did it!"

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    Those are the same excuses I hear as well. What I really hate is when people ask "what CAN you eat" in a smart ass way. I have also wanted to say the same thing. LOL


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      As crazy as it sounds, not everyone puts health to the highest of virtues. You can write out a perfect step by step guide to improve health, and there will always be those who lack motivation. And in the end, it's their choice what they do and don't do.


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        Lately I have been thinking about the role of choice in our lives. For years I let fatigue control me and believed that I needed to ride it out. After seven years of riding it out it hit me like a ton of bricks that I was choosing to remain miserable. The hard part is that once we make the decision to really change how we live no fairy godmother shows up and waves her magic instantly healthy wand. We have to WORK. So, our pizza eating friends aren't ready for healthy work. The hardest part is watching people who think eating steaks is a yucky choice lose their choices in life. My unhealthy mother was just here for a week, so this is in the front of my mind right now. Sorry!

        I am with you on wanting to snark at people. Honestly! (shakes head and mutters at the chubby littles muggles)


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          Just tell 'em how you did it (as you have) and if/when they sputter and complain, shrug and say, "Keep doing what you're doing, then. I'm sure reality will shift to accommodate you and you'll wake up one day looking amazing. That's how it works, right?" and then change the subject.
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            Them: "I can't give up . . . ."
            Me: "Yeah, it's hard."

            I have never been able to do the little trick of deciding intellectually how I should feel and convincing myself I do feel that way. I can and have given up those things. No problem. But I'm not going to say "Oh, I just eat the filling out of sandwiches and throw the bread away. No problem." Well, actually it pisses me off to buy a burger with a good bun and not eat it. Meatza - not served at Round Table. Not fun to eat salad bar salad while everyone else is stuffing their face with pizza. I curse primal every day, and give thanks for it.
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              One of the most common excuses that i hear are that "I dont' have time to exercise and cook like that" but oddly enough, these same people manage to find time to watch TV in the evenings, stop by the fastfood places for dinner and go to appointments with doctors to treat their CW induced medical conditions.

              And what is really sad is that I hear these excuses from the people that are the closest to me.
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                Just say "Yeah...I guess" without a further response. Don't support their excuses out of politeness.
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                  Originally posted by texas.grok View Post
                  One of the most common excuses that i hear are that "I dont' have time to .......cook like that" .
                  THAT one really amuses me, I can cook a nutritious steak and serve with a huge salad in less time than they can sit in their car and wait for the brown paper bag delivery. Trust me.

                  Maybe its really about the fact that they can't be arsed washing up afterwards and would prefer to fill up the land fill with their polystyrene boxes and wrappers?
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                    I made those excuses... for a long time.

                    I did not realize how easy giving up grains would be, and how easy it was to procure humane meats. I still have not succeeded in eliminating sugar. I never ever thought I would prefer a bunless burger with some onions and mushrooms over a pizza. So yeah, it can be a stretch until people try it.

                    It is pretty hard to fathom eliminating 90% of what is at a grocery store from your diet, especially when it has been pounded into your head that grains are healthy.

                    And congrats to you and your wife!

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                      "I can't give up bread"......
                      "I cant give up pasta"......
                      "I can't give up sugar"......
                      "I can't give up pizza"......

                      How about: "In retrospect, this has made my life much easier. Saying "no toast" when I order an omelet/eating steak and salad instead of pizza/drinking water instead of coke took some serious effort at first, I'll give you that. But hauling those extra 50 pounds around all the time was definitely harder. And it's become effortless. I literally don't want those foods anymore."

                      "I'm a vegetarian"......

                      I just go with "How's that working out for you?" Usually it addresses itself.

                      I think it takes time for people to come to terms with the fact that everything they've been told about nutrition is wrong. They see something working, and they are only ready for a tiny tidbit of knowledge. They dip their toes in the water, by asking you how you did it. Then they take their toes back out, by making a silly excuse.

                      They know it's not logical. It's like when someone breaks up with you and says "It's not you, it's me." They're engaging in subterfuge, not rhetoric.
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                        Yeah, ditto on all those.
                        I hate the "You can't eat this/that?" Well, yes, I CAN eat those things, I DON'T WANT to eat those foods. CAN'T implies it's a diet, DON'T WANT TO implies it's a personal choice of mine.
                        If I just said LOL, I lied. Do or do not. There is no try.


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                          I still get mocked with "how's that fruity hippy caveman diet thingy going"? At the same time though, I'm finding a lot of those same people eventually start asking me more and more questions about food choices.


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                            I know I could never give up dairy. I drink 2 lattes or coffees with milk/cream daily, I eat Greek yogurt almost daily, and I eat cheese almost daily. I probably consume 4-5 servings of dairy daily. I don't like vegetables - 2 servings a day is usually all I can muster - so if I gave up dairy, my diet would basically be just meat, nuts, and fruit, which isn't terribly exciting or portable. I have a busy job where I sometimes literally have 45 seconds to grab lunch and things like apples or steak aren't exactly good pocket food, whereas some cheese in a ziplock bag is a quick convenient source of nutrients.


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                              Every time I hear "I can't give up X" I respond with "try it for 30 days because you can do anything if you know that there is time limit". I usually get a sputter at this point and then an odd look of I never thought of it that way.
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