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    Lol, that's what I feel like saying but I can't really say that to my partner whom I love. I wish he would give it a try but he loves his coke zero (which he thinks is ok coz its got no sugar) & bread. He is a hunter and loves his meat, just not much exercise. It makes it more of a challenge for me too to stay primal esp when he cooks. I don't think I can be the one to make him change without me seeming like I am "nagging" or unhappy with him, so what do I do? And I don't want it to have a negitive impact on relationship when I trying to make it stronger.


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      I am yet to have a negative comment from anyone, all my friends and Co workers have been very positive and took on what I have said about the basis of the diet from an evolutionary aspect, especially the no sugar and grains thing.

      Really primal is just proper healthy eating with exercise it's a no brainer

      The speed of how quickly I have got into shape has shocked some people but in a good way