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  • The Primal Games Thread

    Hello Everyone,

    I figured I'd start this thread so that people could share games/party activities that they think are fun and Primal. So feel free to share a game with everyone if you have one, and hopefully by the time this is done there shall be plenty of games/activities here for everyone.

    With that said I'll start off:


    Play size - From 4 to as many people as you think you can handle.

    How to play - Everyone gets into a circle with the tips of their fingers touching one another. On the count of three everyone jumps back and gets into a martial arts/funky pose and stays in that pose. The object of the game is be the last person standing, and the way a person is taken out of the game is by having their hands tagged/slapped. Going clockwise or counter clockwise around the circle of players, each player tries to get the person to the left or right of them out. This continues until only 2 people are left, which leads to an epic duel between the two players until one comes out the victor. Depending on the skill level of the players the final "showdown" can be quite entertaining to watch.

    Rules - You can only tag the person to the left or right of you, this rule however does not apply to the last 2 players in the game. You can only move one step when you go to tag another player. Once a person has made their move to try to tag another player out, they must stay "frozen" in that position until their next turn. You are allowed to move your hand out of the way if you are targeted for a tag, but once the play is over your hand must stay frozen in whatever place it is. If someone pretends to go for your hand but doesn't, you must move your hand back to where it was. Jumping/lunging/diving is allowed however, you must stay frozen in the position that you land. If due to jumping/lunging/diving you are on the ground and can't find any possible way to move or tag someone from your position, you are allowed to stand/jump back up to standing on your turn- but you shall forfeit your ability to tag someone on that turn.

    Why do I consider this game to be primal? - It will work your whole body, especially if you get into it. Your balance, strength, speed, agility, and hand eye coordination will be put to the test.

    I hope this was easy enough to understand, because it really is a simple game and lots of fun. I played several rounds of this on Sunday at a cook out and everyone that played had a lot of fun and got some good exercise out of it too.

    Anyway thanks for reading and again if you know of a fun game that you consider primal that you'd like to share with everyone, feel free to post.
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    I think basically all games are primal. People above like age 12 have almost stopped playing games period. I think anything drawing away from electronics is a good start, and anything difficult is awesome. I'm always game for hide and seek, smear the queer (no offense, this the name my country buddies give it), football, wrestling, skimboarding, tree climbing, etc.


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      Wow!This game is look like good!I'll try it!Cheers!