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Realistic goal for a teenager?

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    Originally posted by wiltondeportes View Post
    I'm assuming no growth. If he grows, then yes, 20 pounds could be easy. If he doesn't grow at all, 20 pounds of muscle is 20 pounds of muscle.

    I don't see why I would want to set one's goals based upon then having a growth spurt though.

    How do you know what Herschel's genetics are? He was a fat kid before he started working out. I can rattle off tons more that were out of shape, unhealthy individuals before they dedicated themself to health and transformed their bodies. Jack LaLanne...sickly teenager. Teddy Roosevelt...sickly kid.

    I'm not saying he will be the next Herschel either. However, if doing what Herschel did maximized his epigenetic expression, why wouldn't this guy doing the same thing maximize his own epigenetic expression?
    As Rippetoe says "Professional athletes are genetically sorted", meaning that there is a genetic prerequisite to be a pro athletes. The NFL drafts in part on bloodlines- that's how important genetics are. Most of those genetically gifted people are able to play for a few years. Walker took up a new professional sport @ 50. He's a genetic freak. The exercise may have activated those genes, but not everyone has them.
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      I think the Herschel Walker reference was referring to him being famous for working out without weights. I'm not sure how Jack LaLanne & Teddy Roosevelt worked out, so maybe that is relevant too.

      I'm on board with those that think summers are for girls (or boys), beer and friends. I think a well planned fitness goal is a great idea to fill the time, but make sure, above all else, you enjoy this summer. You only have a few true summers left. Once you are grown, summer breaks are just something you wish still came around...
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