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    It was funny butting heads with my younger sister (who was informally dubbed my dad's dietitian), who's a semi-vegetarian who eats only poultry. we were at the restaurant the other day; and my dad wanted ny steak and eggs. My dad revealed he progressed from pre, to full diabetic. My sister wanted him to lay off the steak and eggs; and, instead, suggested a sausage (possibly the worst thing he could have). As she and I butted heads, he just opted for a grilled chicken salad.

    Then, when I had a roasted lamb plate at this Greek place at the Mall food court, my dad, who was with me when I made the order, mentioned to the rest of us my asking if the gyro used a gluten based seasoning (as was revealed to me by a local coffee shop owner who sold gyros). Next thing I knew, I had to explain why I avoided gluten; and, now they want me to get a physical... I don't know what to do.. my dad is a grown man, in his 50s, and I'm only one person. And my mom had to use the card, "it's dangerous to know too much.." yada yada.. I'm not the diet nazi my sis is, as I let my dad have my pita slices. And, my mom lets him snack every so often.

    It's hard to inform others, without letting the right information blow over their heads..
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      When I get asked, I just say the general thing: "I eliminated processed food", and everybody eats what's on their plate without questioning. However, I've told my brother and mom, because sometimes it pains me seeing them eat what they eat and knowing how unhealthy that food is. I did try to hold it in for as long as I could, though! Since then, they continously ask me why I don't eat certain foods and why have I gotten so skinny, which has led to a few backtalks on my part (I'm not a recorder, damn it) but nothing big. I ****try*** not to critizice what they eat so they'll do the same with me.