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    If we eat dinner at 5:30 and 14 yr.old stays up late he is going to need to eat again, so he eats. I don't believe in controlling his food. Everything we have in the house is good and he can be the judge of what he needs to eat and when.

    I just don't get the attraction of FB. It reminds me if of the holiday newsletters some friends used to send us, I never liked them either.
    Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


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      ohi love those holiday newsletters. good to know you don't so i dont send you one!

      not defending the mom, just saying that i can envision myself doing that. my kids eat like nuts, all the time. but i know there are some kids who do not eat, and if faced with the prospect of eating OR playing, they will choose to play and then wake up at 2 AM because they were actually hungry, and wind up making nighttime particularly unpleasant for the parents. who knows, it may have been such a situation.

      now what i don't get is when i see parents feed their kids crap, and then even if the kid is full the parent makes them finish it. i can sort of understand making a child finish eating something that's nutritious (though i also see the harm in this), but are they benefiting in any way all from finishing their cake or hamburger bun? i don't see that on FB, but i've seen it personally and i always scratch my head at that one.
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        Sometimes my daughter gets a "snack" before bedtime. It's usually the dinner that she didn't finish because she was either distracted by wanting to be outside playing or she just wasn't hungry then. Either way, if she's hungry later, she eats the rest of her dinner. I don't think I've had to get her something else to eat for years - but if she was hungry even after she'd had a good dinner, she'd get a piece of cheese before bed. I'm not a fan of forcing kids to eat or making them go to bed hungry. These are how food issues happen. We don't waste food, and dinner is family sit-together-and-talk time, but aside from that I try not to make a big deal out of anything.


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          Some of my extended family eats sugar cereal at like 8-9pm... they aren`t exactly fit...

          When I was a kid I hated vegetables (I think it was just how my parents cooked them so they were mushy) so if I didn't want to eat my veggies then they'd make me eat a PB&J sandwich. I felt like crap most of my childhood; but I feel like awesome now!
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