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    I just ordered a pair of the Ras last week. The order is delayed due to inventory issues where I ordered it, but I'm looking forward to them.


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      Originally posted by Dave P View Post
      Was afraid of that, read a review on amazon that says the same. should have them by tuesday.
      They're a little lower-cut than most shoes -- part of the minimalist ethos, I guess. That does mean they'd rub on the back on the heel (over the Achilles' Tendon) at a slightly different place to most shoes. Obviously, where your shoes usually contact the skin thickens.

      Vivos also seem to fit quite closely round the back of the heel anyway. They've probably got slightly thinner and less padded linings in the shoe than most makers would use, too -- since they're meant to be light in weight.

      If you're wearing thin socks, or no socks, with a pair of Vivos you could well get sore on the back of the heel. I didn't with the Ras, but I did with an earlier pair of Vivos I had. But that was temporary. It soon went away, as my foot got used to the shoe touching there rather than higher up. I just had to remember to rotate other shoes in and out occasionally and not wear the new shoes too much while my feet were getting used to them. Strangely enough I had the same minor problem recur with my next pair of Vivos -- because they contacted the heel in a slightly different place to the first pair.


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        zappos is the bomb, they arrived today well ahead of schedule. they feel great so far, but time will tell. i get what people have been saying about the heel, it is definitely lower and more form fitting, but i don't get the feeling that it will be a problem.

        i appreciate all the input.


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          Originally posted by EmeraldRose View Post
          I recently got a pair of lemings, which I am wearing to work. I absolutely love them! Granted they are a bit more casual than the vibram ras and lucys, which I was also considering, but still wonderful to wear when walking lots at work.
          Just got a pair of Stems/Lemings:

          Okay, for anyone that LOVES their VFF's but still can't quite get over wearing them in public, I've got a solution for you. (For the record, I'd rock VFF's out in public -- the wife says "Please no!")

          Leming Footwear. Previously, Stem Footwear (apparently there was some trademark issues).

          LEMing =

          Level & Flat
          Extra Wide Toebox
          Minimal Design

          Nobody local sells these, but I finally pulled the trigger and just ordered a pair...and crossed my fingers. They arrived today -- and they are AWESOME. True zero drop design, with a reasonably thin and super, duper flexible sole that has stupendous ground feel. rivals my KomodoSports.

          Can't tell you anything about durability, but I'm very excited about these and hope they wear well, because 30 minutes out of the box I LOVE them.

          You'll notice that mine still are labeled "Stem" -- apparently the retailer I ordered from still had some from the previous production run. Fortunately, Leming has been getting great reviews for customer service (ie, sending out replacement shoes gratis and not even requesting the old ones back) so if there's any problems I should be covered.


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            those are awesome airmed. thanks for sharing the link.


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              Anyone find anything that would work with a suit? I might have to start wearing a suit to work and I admit, if the job wasn't going to pay for food and a roof, I wouldn't be willing, but my barefoot shoes have saved me from spedning fifty bucks at a chiro every two weeks only to feel bad a few days later from "normal" shoes...


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                i wore the ras with a suit last week for the first time. i thought they were fine with it (wife agreed). having said that, i need all my pants hemmed because they are all too long now.


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                  Originally posted by Dave P View Post
                  for quite a while, i've been looking for a barefoot shoe for work (corporate) that is acceptable in appearance, without much luck. however, i just stumbled across a pair of vivobarefoot ras and impulsively purchased. anyone else have these?

                  i guess i should have asked for feed-back before ordering, but luckily zappos has a 100% return guarantee should i not like them.

                  anyone have them?
                  Hi Dave,
                  I have only ever worn barefoot shoes for about a year and a half now and needed smart shoes that I could wear in more formal situations so like you decided to go for Vivobarefoot Ra shoes. I love them. I have since bought another Vivobarefoot shoe that can be worn in formal situations that I like even more. They are the Vivobarefoot Gobi



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                    Just wanted to pop in and give an update on DH's Ra that he got late April. It took about two weeks to break in the shoes. He had to wear extra heavy cotton socks to avoid heel rubbing and blistering. Now that they are broken in they are coming apart at the point where the sole is joined to the top of the foot. Right where the shoe creases when you step. I've contacted Terra Plana to ask if they offer a warranty - never heard anything back. Would not buy again. I should also mention the shoes only get worn 3 days a week so it's not like he's putting in tons of wear time (3 days x ~4 weeks = 12 days of wear).

                    Their sneakers seem okay so far.


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                      Originally posted by Call Me Twitchy View Post
                      Anyone find anything that would work with a suit? I might have to start wearing a suit to work and I admit, if the job wasn't going to pay for food and a roof, I wouldn't be willing, but my barefoot shoes have saved me from spedning fifty bucks at a chiro every two weeks only to feel bad a few days later from "normal" shoes...
                      Best I've found so far (NOT shelling out $300 for the Primal Professional shoes. When they hit, $150, we'll talk) are these:


                      I bought the tan and the burgundy. I wear them with the insoles removed, gives the toebox a little more room and decreases the heel to toe drop, which isn't much.

                      I won't say they're comfortable, and I have thought of taking a belt sander to the very mildly curved sole to flatten them out, but they are 1,000 times better than the Bostonian oxfords I was wearing. And they totally look appropriate with a suit, unlike a lot of the suggestions I've seen out there.
                      The Champagne of Beards


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                        Great design, awful construction

                        Great design, comfortable, but the construction is awful. After a year and a couple of months the seam running vertical towards the outside of the shoe near the heal started to unravel. I only wear the shoes in the office so the wear and tear in minimal. Vivobarefoot customer service said that had I purchased them from them within the last 6 months they would be under a sustainable guarantee.
                        While shoes wear out, a seam coming apart from the top of the shoe seems like a defect to me.
                        No plans on purchasing shoes from this company again.