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Cheap dog food?

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  • Cheap dog food?

    I need a cheap way to feed my dog meat. The butcher doesn't sell dog food so unfortunately that's out. Any ideas?
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    Can't you just buy other cuts of meat from where you buy your meat? Meaty bones are good, brisket I think they are called.


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      Why does it have to be specific dog food?


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        We feed our dogs chicken backs, we get a 40lb box for about $16. I have to order them from the meat department at the grocery store.


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          meat and vegetables.


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            I raw-feed my dogs. You can see if there are any raw-feeding co-ops in your area:
   Raw Dog Food Co-ops and Local Groups

            Most of my "dog food" I get for free. My friends and co-workers know I'll take any expired or freezerburned meat off their hands. If it's expired or freezerburned, it's still perfectly good to feed dogs. (Lately they've been eating meat from 1999-2000.) I post ads on the bulletin board at work, you can also try Craigslist.

            Some people have also had luck asking the meat manager at their grocery store about getting meat that expires each week. This seems to be hit or miss, but the worst they can say is no. I have small dogs and only need about 8 pounds of meat per week for them, so I haven't ever tried this because I figure I'd get way too much if they agreed.

            And I also watch for grocery sales. Any time it's under $1.00/pound for chicken or $1.50/pound for beef/pork, I stock up.

            It's helpful if you have a separate freezer for "dog food", that way you have room to stock up when you find good deals.

            One more note, watch the sodium content. Some dogs can handle higher sodium, some can't. I avoid any meat that had "x% solution added".