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    I am extremely lucky and have 3 really good butchers in my nearest town. My favourite one has a list of which 3 farms the beef has come from that day, and knows the source of all his meat. He cures his own nitrate-free bacon, gives me free bones to make stock, and always has offal available! Couldn't ask for more.


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      Even though I live in a semi-rural area surrounded by farms no-one has grass fed beef and there is a dearth of butchers on the high street. In fact there is a dearth of high street.

      I rang around and I hunted on the internet, in the end I order my meat from a farm a couple of hundred miles away and pay for it to be delivered. Quite a depressing state of affairs really but I cannot see that I have a choice.

      On a more positive note, I do have a fantastic contact for lamb and every autumn I drive out to him to get half a lamb, rare breed and short of being cuddled, very well looked after.
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        Thank you for that link to Edible. Passionate fisherman in Santa Barbara, heck yeah. But I think all the butchers are bored.
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