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How much does it normally cost to get Blood work done?

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  • How much does it normally cost to get Blood work done?

    I am interested in getting my blood work done now and in about in about 6 months time to see how going primal improves/changes the results.

    I have had a look around and the only place I can fine near me that does blood work (appart from my GP) is the company below. +Blood+Screen

    The test seems pretty comprehensive but at 160 also very expensive. Is this the normal cost for this type of thing?


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    Over here we have a health fair where the public can go and get the blood work done. It cost me $100 and took about 3 weeks for them to get me the results. I know if I had my regular Dr. do it, it would have taken less time and been about twice as much money.



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      geez I don't know... I just "added on" my Vitamin D serum test when my doctor ordered other blood work. Basically, "Hey while you're at it, can we also test this?" and she didn't have a problem with it - and my insurance covered it.

      Maybe that's a strategy you could use if you have insurance that might work similarly?

      I would like to get a lipid panel done out of curiosity but don't feel comfy asking for it while I'm pregnant - I think it would bring up my "weird diet" too obviously (not because of the numbers but because I was asking in the first place and the doc would want to know why) and I don't want to have to defend it too much.

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