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  • bullet proof coffee

    I am struggling with the making of it.

    1. I have been using a blender and it is still a liquid. Is it suppose to be a liquid?

    2. I can't find the butter that is suggested, I just use the Wal Mart brand without salt. Is this ok?

    3. I haven't ordered the MCT. How important is it to have this?

    Can buy what I need to make it, as far as the blender thingy I need goes, at Wal Mart or Target? If so, would someone post a picture of what I need? I am thinking my blender isn't going to do it.


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    This link should answer your questions: Recipe: How to Make Your Coffee Bulletproof...And Your Morning Too | The Bulletproof Executive

    hot coffee + butter = liquid.

    Blender should not matter. Anything that helps incorporate the butter into the coffee and makes a frothy head seems to fit the description.

    MCT is listed as optional. Perhaps the site can tell you what the point of it is.

    Grass fed butter is important according to the link. It explains why. Wal-mart butter =/= grass fed.