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squating vs sitting at a desk all day long

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  • squating vs sitting at a desk all day long

    Hi all,

    Like most of you I work in an office at a desk all day long.
    Due to this I have very tight and sore hip flexors and my pelvis is tilted forward because of it.

    Unfortunately I am unable to have a standing desk at work, it just isnt going to happen.

    However I really like sitting with my legs up on my chair. I either sit on one or crossed legged. However I think this is probably worse as if I am sat on one leg then I am leaning to the side and stopping blood circulation to that foot and things.

    So this got me thinking. Could I simply squat on my chair. Like a full Asian resting squat? Mark and lots of other research says squatting is better than sitting so I thought this makes sense.....

    But then I thought about my poor little hip flexors. If they are tight now from sitting, if I squat wont that make them even shorter and tighter?

    Does anyone squat on their chair? would this be better than sitting?

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    You don't need to get an actual standing desk to stand at your desk. I jacked my desk and monitors up on concrete blocks and stacked my keyboard and mouse on top of some old textbooks to get everything at the right height. It works great. I just need to get a foot pad because the industrial-carpet-over-concrete floor is killer on the feet and knees.
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