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  • Wound healing

    Obviously we can't request or give out actual medial advice, so I'd like some anecdote, informed opinion, conjecture, etc...

    So let's say that last Friday our Grokette was feeding the tame aurochs when her knife slipped and sliced into her knuckle. It was immediately covered in all kinds of auroch poop, fermented grass, mud, soil....

    Swollen around the cut but only very locally, but sore to the touch (can't hold a mug of tea properly!).

    Any herbal remedies available to a western European? Hot poultice? Keep it open to let any infection drain?

    And purely out of curiosity, would the fermentation bacteria from <strike>silage</strike> rotten grass have a different effect on a cut that your "normal" soil bacteria?

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    typo - "medical" advice!

    I&#39;m sure medial advice is fine.....


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      What a coincidence...last week I was slicing onions, and my subconscious mind decided to add a nice big slice of my thumb pad. Hubby wanted me to go to a doc, but when I refused he said I should press the chunk back on to see if it would grow back. (He even dug it out of the pile of onions for me.) Might have been a good idea, except that it was bleeding way too profusely to stay on.

      To make a long story short...several hours later I went to the drug store to get some stuff called New Skin:

      It&#39;s liquid and you apply it from a bottle like nail polish. Burns like hell for a minute, but then it seals everything off quite nicely. It lets air in, and has some kind of anti-bacterial property.

      It&#39;s not primal, but it&#39;s working. I didn&#39;t have to go to a doc, and I&#39;m not getting an infection. The skin is growing back underneath (I&#39;m still using the stuff daily) although I&#39;m sure I permanently altered my thumbprint.


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        Ooo sounds pretty cool!

        I forgot to add that I was eyeing up the purple wound spray in the veterinary medicine box....


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          Natural antiseptics: goldenseal (I use tincture), garlic, witch hazel, comfrey.

          You can boil the whole herbs in water to make a concentrated liquid called a decoction. Soak clean cloths in the liquid and apply while still warm.

          Easier yet----buy tincture of goldenseal and put a few drops on a bandaid and cover the cut.

          Spiderwebs are natural forms of Wound Stat, used to help a fibrin clot form and stop bleeding. I&#39;ve never actually done that, however...



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            I&#39;ve had some nasty cuts, often from gardening. Here&#39;s my basic procedure: wash it out really, really well. Macerated fresh yarrow or powdered dried yarrow to stop bleeding. Cover with raw honey & bandage - repeat daily. If there&#39;s any pain present (especially the throbbing kind), put olive oil infused with St. John&#39;s Wort (Hypericum perfolatum) on the wound, then honey & bandage. Keep it covered until it&#39;s not too tender to be bumped.

            Last summer I was cleaning the blade my new immersion blender while it was still plugged in. Oh yeah, did that turn out bad! The above saved the tip of my finger & I didn&#39;t even have any nerve damage. Can&#39;t even tell I sliced it almost off. The flap of skin stayed on until the wound repaired itself underneath. No redness or swelling.

            Good luck, NMG! Let us know how you fair!


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              *glances up at the cobwebs on the 15 foot high ceiling* Sounds plausable but I wouldn&#39;t fancy accidentally getting the web&#39;s creator tangled up...

              I may peruse the healthfoody shops this weekend then


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                I nearly fried the tops of my feet one day while cooking some bacon, large spots of very hot bacon grease landed on my socks and soaked through. I had nothing at all to put on the, they were hurting like a bitch, so I slathered the burn sports with some local honey. Pain went down within 5 minutes, and while I have some pinkish marks still on the tops of my feet, they not got crispy or anything, stayed nice and smooth.

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