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    I am having surgery in a couple weeks to repair a torn tendon in my hip. Post surgery I will have 6 weeks of no activity, 6 weeks of stretching, and then begin simple strengthening. It won't be until I'm 3 months post-op that I "should" be able to begin really exercising.

    I have been primal for about a year and a half and have seen great results with both exercise and diet. I'm worried about gaining significant fat lbs and losing muscle during the 3 months before I am able begin exercising again. (I've noticed that if I'm not spot-on with both diet and exercise, I very quickly gain fat and lose muscle tone.) I don't particularly want to go through losing 40 lbs again.

    For cardio I have always run and used the eliptical--both of which I will not not be able to do. For sprints I either ran or used the rowing machine--again, I won't be able to use either of those. Basically, I can't do anything that involves hip movement.

    I know that body comp changes for the worse are inevitable, but I'd like to keep it to a minimum if possible. My question is two-fold: Any recommendations on the diet side that will allow me to limit the amount of fat gained due to the high fat content of a primal diet? Any recommendations for cardio that doesn't involve legs?

    Has anyone had a similar experience with success?


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    I hope your surgery goes really well. May I suggest pool exercises with a floatation belt?
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