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What benefits have you experienced by adding bone broth to your diet?

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    Originally posted by SophieScreams View Post
    Yes, actually. My doc's switching me to another type, since mine's become quite controversial. I'd like to go without hormones, but I suffer particular allergies. It's hormones or a monthly gamble for me.
    Have you read Taking Charge of Your Fertility? Fertility awareness is non-hormonal, non-latex and it works.
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      I've had plantar fasciitis for almost two years with no relief. I went on the Paleo diet two months ago mainly because of the reported anti-inflammatory effects and to loose weight. I've been drinking 1 to 2 cups of homemade chicken/beef bone broth for the past two weeks and have noticed considerably less heel pain. I've also been drinking a daily smoothy made with almond milk, hemp seeds, hemp oil and coconut oil for about two weeks. Maybe the positive effects of the Paleo diet are finally kicking in after two months? Or maybe the addition of EFAs? I don't know, but I didn't start to get relief until I started the bone broth/smoothy routine. It feels wonderful to be able to walk again.


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        My hair and eyelashes are growing faster too - especially my armpit hair! My knees click less (a lifelong problem) and it makes all my soups and stews taste lovely.