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    I dont think so
    While she was hard to breastfeed and underweight in the womb, she used to eat most foods, although always thought meat was awful even as a toddler. However around age 5-10 she would eat anything although under duress. I used to cook a lot of traditional chinese food and she would eat chilli, all cruciferous veg the works. Her fave veg is broccoli. It is in the last year that her food choices have significantly narrowed to the point of ridiculous...

    If I took her shopping she would say no to every single thing.
    My concern is that its getting way worse and she's not growing out of anything...


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      She would go for a long time and not eat, and I would never allow that.
      She is now in counselling.
      She has had bloods done and is deficient in nothing.
      She takes fish oil caps daily, a protein shake with a raw egg (if she's not watching I slip one in) although its a carb laden one, as she wouldnt touch the protein one --- neither would I to be honest it was absolutely disgusting.

      Today I had a win... she said, MUM I have an exam, what can I eat for breakfast knowing that I have to concentrate this morning.
      We settled on a coffee, and a shake (with the egg!!).

      I at least know her blood work was ok...

      thanks guys!


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        I am obviously a hopeless thread reply-er. I am trying to reply to people in person and it added all my replies to the end.. oh, well sorry guys. Im a bit techno hopeless.