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    This guy is sorta famous for his work in EMF exposure. If you have time to give it a watch: Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt - YouTube

    He discusses smart meters in here. He's the one that mentioned people on the west coast smashing the meters. Luckily in Chicago it hasn't come to this. Why I care is that I have a LOT of heavy metals in my system (working to detox) and literally vibrate when exposed to too much EMF. I had a radio next to my bed and when I linked my vibrating sensations to EMF exposure, got rid of the radio, and I stopped vibrating. I believe the metals in my system are literally acting as a conductor for these frequencies. Fascinating and frightening all at once. Personally, I'd like to get as far away as possible from all these electronics and devices.


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      Your radio is a receiver of EMF, not a source
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        Again - would not smash meters or threaten workers. Both can get you in some big trouble, and if you think EMFs suck, being Bubba's girlfriend in the Big House isn't going to be all that pleasant either.

        There are generally LEGAL ways around smart meters, but they not quite as dramatic, so people tend to ignore them.

        Like... try calling the power company and telling them you do not want them and want to be put on a list of people who are refusing them.