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I May Have Cured My Period Cramps

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    Wow, the magnesium is really making me sleepy, too...zzzzzzz


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      Originally posted by piano-doctor-lady View Post
      Here's another approach.

      Over on the Monster Thread (Dr. Kruse's reset community kindly allowed here on the Apple), most there are trying Cold Thermogenesis, and finding it's not just possible, but downright effective. (Weight loss, thyroid improvements ...) They have a lot of different ways to try it, and Doc has been writing long articles about what it is and why it works on his blog at "Jack Kruse".
      Wow, interesting idea! I'd love to know more about it, and how it works... but I am damn scared of the monster thread! LOL

      From a quick scan (damn that thread is so long!) I get the idea that cooling core body temperature helps... I wonder how that fits in with me living in a tropical country? hmm... I might ask the question over there.
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        I am glad I am not the only one afraid of that thread!

        I have upped primrose oil, taking magnesium, am on day 6 of autoimmune Whole 30, and am late for the first time in my life, except for the three times I was pregnant. Great news: no cramps whatsoever. However, very strange.


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          BygoneCat, how much primrose oil and magnesium are you taking daily? This month I'm going to take EPO every day and up the intake towards my period. I haven't decided on the doses, yet.

          I'd love to hear from anyone already doing this. Would 1g per day be good and then increasing to 2g during period or does anyone think this is not enough to be therapeutic? I'm assuming it is possible to take too much?


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            Goldstar, I was taking one softgel of Now SuperPrimrose 1300 mg EPO per day, but yesterday I started taking 2. I am taking 4 tablets a day of Doctor's Best 100% chelated Magnesium (2 tablets contain 200 mg magnesium from 2,000 magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate with 4 mg black pepper extract). I am taking it all in the evening.


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              Originally posted by jkr View Post
              There might be some hope for you all.

              A high dose of Vitamin D reduces menstrual cramps significantly | Julianne's Paleo & Zone Nutrition

              A high dose of Vitamin D reduces menstrual cramps significantly
              A brand new study has just been released, it shows that a large dose (300,000iu) of vitamin D has significant success in reducing menstrual cramps. This study was double-blind, so some women got a dummy pill and some a real one.

              See if it helps. :-)
              Hmmmm....I did also increase my intake of vitamin D during my cold to between 5000 and 6000IU per day, when normally I take between 2000 and 4000. Something to think about, thanks.


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                Originally posted by BygoneCat View Post
                Goldstar, I was taking one softgel of Now SuperPrimrose 1300 mg EPO per day, but yesterday I started taking 2. I am taking 4 tablets a day of Doctor's Best 100% chelated Magnesium (2 tablets contain 200 mg magnesium from 2,000 magnesium glycinate/lysinate chelate with 4 mg black pepper extract). I am taking it all in the evening.
                Thanks BygoneCat, I appreciate your help alot! Is this a new trial or have you been doing this for a while with success?


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                  Just a quick update. When I started this thread I was curious to know why I did not have any cramps during my period after dealing with a cold. I suspected it was either due to the tylenol or the antihistamines I had been taking. Since having the cold, I've been having a slew of allergic reactions to foods that I eat every day...I am having asthmatic reactions and sometimes stomach cramps to chocolate, soy sauce, vinegars, tea, spices (especially turmeric and pepper), kombucha, lemon, lime, tomato sauce, ham, cheese...and the list goes on. Seems like everything except potatoes, butter and milk. Also, unfortunately, most of these foods I have increased since being diagnosed with IBS and beginning my journey to go gluten free and eat more paleo/primal. I believe I have histamine intolerance and am now working with my naturopath to work it out. In the meantime, I wanted to share something I found regarding histamines and period cramps.

                  Symptoms affecting muscles

                  Histamine affects smooth muscle, which acts autonomously, histamine is the main controlling agent for contractions within this type of muscle. Smooth muscle can be found in the uterus, bladder, lungs, blood vessels and gastrointestinal tract.

                  dysmenorrhea (menstruation pain) – The uterus consists of smooth muscle, and a heightened amount of histamine can cause more severe menstruation cramps in women. Histamine also tampers with hormonal levels like progesterone and oestrogen, which in turn can also influence histamine levels.

                  So, along with having lifelong exercise induced asthma, eczema, dysmenorrhea and then being diagnosed with IBS last year (a common misdiagnosis for histamine intolerance sufferers) I believe I've solved the mystery, at least in my case. I may have always had a low threshold for histamines and with my new eating habits it got out of control. The solution, unfortunately, is a restricted diet that needs to be supervised by a professional, mainly fresh meats and bland root veggies with none of the extra goodies I seem to have overdone, like fermented stuff, nuts, cheese, good oils, spices, a variety of veggies, chocolate...and I'm pretty sure no coconut either. The other solution, no surprise, is antihistamines!

                  I still have to get this verified but the other symptoms of histamine intolerance run rampant through my family, all of whom have no diagnosis or who are IMO being misdiagnosed. Sinusitis, eczema, asthma, IBS, muscle and joint pain, fibromyalgia, heart palpitations, panic attacks and of course period cramps. Here's a link, hoping it will help some of you:

                  Hitting on HIT

                  Update: Genny Masterman, in her book What HIT me? Living with Histamine Intolerance says:
                  Once the lining of the uterus starts breaking down, as it does at the start of every period, the body naturally releases histamine...HIT sufferers run the risk of histamine overload...One result of this can be really severe cramps...
                  She goes on to say that some women can reduce their symptoms by cutting back on the histamine amount in their foods during the week leading up to and during her period.
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                    How interesting! I have both bad PMS and ovulation pains, very annoying. I will try the Mg, my cousin is a Gyno and has actually been touting Mg forever to his patients.

                    Ok, here is another thing. Tampons can cause cramps for me, so I got a Diva cup. I have had it for two cycles but it is FANTASTIC. Really, tampons and pads feel like the middle ages once you get to using one of those, and the best: doesn't cause me cramps! (Other advantages are that finally, no more icky and never-decomposing trash, no more bulky storage problems in your suitcase, purse, or tiny bathroom, no more dried up cottony feeling, no more strings to keep out of the more bulky pads at night...on the downside, you can't be squeamish!) sorry, I just have to advertise this as my part of saving our planet. It's all true though.


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                      I'm 41 and have few period symptoms at all.


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                        It's 4:16 am, and I'm online now because of cramping so severe that it woke me and I can't get back to sleep. As I'm waiting for the Advil to kick in, I've been reading this thread. Interesting stuff. I'll start taking magnesium and evening primrose daily, at night. I'm very curious about upping my iodine, so later today I'll pick up some nori and seaweed and maybe some kelp pills.

                        I'm very unhappy that the cramping is so bad. Because I'm doing Whole 30 right now, I thought there might be a good chance that the cramps would be much more tolerable; during a stint with veganism, my cramps had all but disappeared.
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                          Natural antihistamines

                          Originally posted by paleo-bunny View Post
                          Be careful with pharmaceutical anti-histamines. Long term use is associated with leptin problems and obesity. Histamine has many functions in the body including regulating the body clock so heavy duty anti-histamines will mess with these.

                          You'd be better off IMO eating a low histamine diet and using natural anti-histamines like coffee and red onions (quercetin), and taking evening primrose oil to reduce prostaglandin activity, and a magnesium supplement to reduce muscle cramps.

                          Green tea is a potent natural antihistamine. When I discovered this I was taking antihistamines 10 months of the year. Drinking several cups of green tea a day brought me down to needing antihistamines only about two months of the year.


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                            Is Telfast a likely cause of liver issues? I take it daily for psoriasis - and I still have bad cramps I note. I never knew this about antihistamines, the product guides don't say much. I thought if anything, and given what Mark says about inflammation, it would be helpful to dampen inflammatory responses. I am overweight, so I would should stop if this is an issue. How does it contribute to obesity.