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Life is good. Primal is solid. Don't give up!

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  • Life is good. Primal is solid. Don't give up!

    I've just got to say I'm glad I've avoided all the trendy supplements and neurotic efforts to make fake bread. After a year of doing this, and a few minor tweaks, I'm healthier than I've ever been in my life. I'm settled on my approach now. It looks like this:

    On work weeks: (I work night shift, ten hours, eight days straight, six days off. So sort of every other week.)
    One huge meal before work, after I wake up at around 7PM. Work, sleep, wake up and do it again. Occasionally I bring some avocados or an apple, berries or a little bit of dinner to eat before midnight to stay within a 5 hour eating window. Meal is a pound of protein (for the three or four days after grocery day, until it runs out), duck eggs, mushrooms, cooked spinach, kale, or other greens all cooked in a few tablespoons of saturated fat (tallow I make myself, coconut oil) and a cube of bone broth for magnesium. Lots of wild, pink salmon (about twice a week, used to be daily) for the vitamin D and bones (I eat the spines in the canned salmon), and some seaweed once or twice a week for the iodine. Oysters when available at Grocery outlet in water.

    Lots of walking, squats, push-ups, leg lifts, dips, chin-ups and pull-ups, rings, sprinting (on days that end with 0, like the 10th, 20th, 30th) and curling my 50 pound free weights. I do these on my high-protein days, really packing it in to exhaustion.

    Once the protein runs out I'm down to my normal 6 to 10 miles of walking a day, and finishing off any fish and eggs, avocados, coconut milk, apples and veggies that are left. I do not work out much on these low-protein days. I still have plenty of energy to live and work, but no building blocks for repairing muscle, so I just take it easy and really zero in on relaxation, low-cortisol, low-inflammation living. I do increase my fat intake on these last few days of the week to compensate for the missing protein. By Thursday there is not much food left.

    Friday is date night and I keep it Primal often, but will sometimes keep the bun on my burger, etc. It's just one meal, and I do not suffer from it at all. Quite enjoyable, really. But still well below any reasonable daily caloric intake.

    But Saturday is Grocery day, wherein I will reload and start again. I also usually get some nuts and or berries on Saturday, in varying quantity which I might eat all at once or spread through the first few days of the week. Just discovered hazelnuts at Fred Meyer for cheap.

    On my non-work weeks:
    Almost the same, except I end up eating a little more frequently due to sleeping pattern changes.


    I WAS taking magnesium before I found out about bone broth. It has proven to be strong enough to keep away the cramps.

    I only take vitamin D in the winter, but make it a point to play at the beach and hike all summer and eat lots of fish.

    Honey. This local, raw honey makes it possible for me to go outside in the summer. Just a small bite every day or even every other day keeps the allergies away. It's also shown a strong positive correlation to the clarity of my skin and speeding up wound healing.

    Almost no:
    Grains. That's right all you rice heads. I'm not wasting money on empty food. I get sweet potatoes if I'm craving starch.
    Fruit. It's somewhat rare. Berries, organic apples, avocado are it unless I see something fun, or there's a fruit platter at a party. More in the summer when I'm foraging for salmon berries, thimble berries, huckleberries and the like.
    Nightshades except for hot sauce on my canned salmon. Tomatoes and peppers make my thumbs twitch and turn my face red, looks like rosacea.
    Pork. I try to stick to animals that chew cud, and poultry.
    Dairy. Basically none at all. Ever. Clogs my nose, my guts, makes me fart and gives me bags under my eyes.

    So, I'm still losing weight and increasing all my strength exercises. I should update my photo some time soon. Seriously have those abs now, love handles all gone.

    The message? STICK WITH IT! Eating real food and filtering out what does and doesn't work takes time and effort. But once you're dialed in, you're set for life!
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    Wow, this is awesome news. Give us all hope for the future. And look at you not getting proper sleep and all that and still succeeding. Congratulations.
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      Oh, I wish I could "fave" posts. Because I would fave this and print it out and frame it. Granted I'm doing pretty good too, but I know I could be doing even better on the dairy, exercise and nightshade front. You inspire me!

      I'm so glad you've found a healthy way of life that works for you! Especially working the night shift!


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        Show us some pics, man! I love success stories like these but the pics are the real fun part!
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          I want to print this out and put it on my wall! ^_^
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            love love love love this post!
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              I'm interested in using raw, local honey for allergy relief, but not sure I can do it until the yeast is clear in my system (sugar feeds yeast). How soon did you have relief when you started using the honey? Seems like with the way the weather has been this winter, I might as well start before Spring to see if it helps.
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                Thank you for the pep talk! Not that I'd give up Primal because I love it and how I feel, but sometimes I think to myself (after the husband goes on and on about his love of CW), "Well, maybe a little bit of CW food won't hurt." Then I snap back to reality and make some bacon. Or go buy a steak and some Kerrygold butter.
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                  I love how you live your life despite a night shift and budget constraints. Helps to show that anybody can be Primal with the right mindset.
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                    I guess this is my journal. Why not.

                    It's been a year since the above post, and things are still great. Lately I've been eating a lot more bacon, just discovered pastured chicken at Central Market, and have definitely been slacking on greens. Still eating liver at least once a week, and heart, and gobs of coconut milk, coconut oil, and tallow, and bone broth. Supplementing mg again, and potassium and vitamin D. Been bicycling a lot more, hoping to raise my lactic acid tolerance so I can do a real weighted squat without beckoning the cramps. Weight still in the good zone, right about 170-175 depending on water weight, etc. Using lots of cumin, turmeric and black pepper on my steaks and eggs. Avocados are apparently going extince or something because prices just doubled and the quality is way lower. Not giving them up, though. Just eating fewer per week.

                    Schedule has changed, so my old routine isn't happening the way I'd like. I'm not carb cycling with regularity, just intuitively. And still mostly eating once a day, sometimes coconut milk or some kombucha for a boost later. Brewing lots of kombucha for awhile now, still has not had any noticeable effect on my overall health, except for better digestion. I just like the fizziness!

                    Had some pizza and mexican food a few days back and I looked pregnant. My stomach popped out and was hard to the touch. Stayed that was for two days. Back to normal now, but a solid reminder of what I'm not missing.

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