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Digestion Issues, Antibiotics, and Back Problems

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  • Digestion Issues, Antibiotics, and Back Problems

    Sorry to be graphic, but severe and chronic pain has led me to this point. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated, as my doctors don't seem to help all that much. My story goes somewhat like this...

    I'm 22 years old and have had a history of digestion issues (becoming worse and worse over the years, especially since I was 12). Recently, I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy revealing several polyps (non-malignant, hyperplastic), hemorrhoids, and stomach ulcers. My doctor put me on a PPI (proton pump inhibitor) and scheduled a follow-up endoscopy to check on the ulcers.

    That wasn't my original concern though. The hemorrhoids I have were/are very painful (and are only kept at bay with the corticosteroid suppository she prescribed me). This is obviously not a long term fix and I have heard about rubber banding as a solution. Even if I banded them, I am worried about their reappearance (so I'm looking for a dietary fix to this). Another issue that comes along with this is painful straining associated with movements. They are also very often urgent and happen around 5 times a day. Which leads me to another problem.

    The straining is so bad that I have actually pulled my back. My lower back muscles spasm and I have trouble walking for a few days (let alone sitting or sleeping). This muscular issue extends all the way up to the muscle outlining my right shoulder blade and into my neck. One time I took a yoga class and was unable to move my neck without a sharp pain for a week.

    Now, I think I might have found a reason for some of my digestion issues. During my teenage years I was prescribed Minocycline (an antibiotic used in my case for acne). I had taken the drug for five years until I discontinued several years ago. I believe there I read a post recently on MDA that said antibiotics can lead to the permanent loss of certain bacteria strains in one's gut flora (the recommended solution was a probiotic or a fecal transplant). I haven't attempted the latter, but I have been on a probiotic for some time, yet I am still experiencing the same pains and problems. I have tried to incorporate Lassi and Kefir into my diet for their probiotic effects, but the evidence presented by Cordain about dairy really makes a case and I would rather not incorporate it into my diet (unfortunately, I am really trying everything at this point).

    If anyone has any insight or solutions to my problems, or hell, even empathy, I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping to dietarily kill this monster and would greatly appreciate any help in my trial and error process.

    Thanks All