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PCOS, Hormones and so little energy

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  • PCOS, Hormones and so little energy

    Hi, I am new to forums and relatively new to going primal, but I have for the last 2 months now and am showing the same/similar results as most others in the weight loss department, except I probably don't exercise as much as I should. But there is a reason, I just run out of energy. It is the same as before I started the Primal way, possibly not as bad, but it's still there. Some days I'm pretty good, but then I'll do what normal energetic people do (weed for 20 minutes in the garden, 2 loads of washing, house keeping, gentle walk etc) then the next 3 days I'm suffering with lack of energy to the point that it hurts my body to be upright. It is very distressing to appear healthy, yet feel so weak and tired. I just don't know what to do now, because I totally disapprove of doctors after the things they have put me on in the past. (Meanwhile, I love to be active, I used to train 4 nights a week in Taekwondo, but still always struggled with things like sit ups and crunches because my back always hurt for some reason)
    For the last two years, I have been officially diagnosed with PCOS. This along with Fibromyalgia. HOWEVER, for the 4 years prior to that, I was misdiagnosed with BiPolar (which was most probably from the mood swings caused by the PCOS) and as a result, medicated with Lexapro (anti depressant) and Epilim (mood stabilizer). This pretty much ended my career working in welfare in Australia due to discriminating co workers and managers.

    Anyway, all of this and the doctor had yet to take any androgen hormone tests (had taken normal women hormone tests like estrogen and progesterone, despite the fact that I had quite irregular periods (sometimes 6 months apart), struggles with my weight, hirsutism, average to poor complexion, irritable bowel symptoms and the mood swings only came on about a week before menstruation and left me about three days into my period. The assessment for Bi Polar was only based on his opinion and a 20 minute assessment with my doctor and a psychiatrist who asked me about 3 questions and could barely speak english.

    So I was on anti depressants for 4 years and mood stabilizers for 2 years and that just ran my energy levels down to the ground. I would (and still do) get episodes of lack of energy that make it hard for me to get around and I can only describe them as the same as that of someone with Lupus, however my antibodies and anti nuclear antibodies tests came back with only low inflammation, not enough to relate it to an auto immune problem.

    The test that showed that I had PCOS was determined by the Androgen hormones that showed my testosterone was way high, and the others were all showing levels indicating PCOS. But even then it took a referral to Gynecologist and Endocrinologist and a bout of pain sending me to hospital to get the ultrasound which showed the multiple follicles on my enlarged ovaries. They then put me on Yasmin (similar to YAZ) and tried me on metformin which just made me sick. I stayed overweight and then was advised by another doctor about 8 months later that I should go off Yasmin because he believed it may have been causing me the lack of energy symptoms. DOCTORS ARE SO CONFUSING AND SEEM TO KNOW LITTLE TO NOTHING!. I am so over doctors.

    I was praying that by going primal I could rid my life of these things altogether, but I still have irregular periods and symptoms associated with PCOS, I still have episodes of energy loss (what they say is fibromyalgia), I really struggle to sleep at night also from aches and pains (i have spent a couple of thousand on bedding and pillows to alleviate that from the problem list and I make sure I am sleeping in the dark). Have I just not given it enough time being primal? Either way I'm not going back to processed foods, soy or grains ever, but I am just trying to work out what I am missing here?
    I eat about 4-6 cups of different varieties of vegetables, always eat protein in my meal, as much as possible eat pasture fed meat, take omega 3's and magnesium I get from the health food store, drink plenty of water, don't eat any refined sugars, minimal coffee (1 cup a month max). I haven't been able to convince myself to eat offal yet (but I'm working on that) and I really dislike the taste of fish (hence the omega 3's).

    Some days I see my weight loss in the mirror and think "this is really working" and sometimes I have energy and feel great and think "this has definitely helped" but then I get weak and tired and my stomach decides to bloat again (can almost see it bloating) and I think "nothing is going to work".

    If someone can offer some advice, please help. I want this to work, I preach the weight loss to everyone, and I know that the food is better for us, even if it means that we can monitor what we are actually putting into our bodies as there are some real nasties out there (mostly found in processed food!)

    I thank all who put up with the ranting above to get to the bottom. I really hope that someone knows something about this, or perhaps has experienced and overcome these problems. In the meantime, I will continue to scour the forums for advice and hopefully will one day find it.

    I aspire to start having children with my partner in the next 12 months. This was my main motivation for going primal in the first place. I thank Mark for this website as it has given me hope of a better future. I just hope that I can start seeing results all over soon. Oh, by the way, I'm 28 years old, and, if you want to know any more about me in order to help, please ask because I don't know how to explain it all.


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    There are plenty of women who've successfully kicke PtCOS to the curb. Search the success stories and the monster leptin reset thread in the nutrition section.

    I'm currently trying to wrangle my PCOS, along w/migraines. I'm going to be starting bioidentical hormone replace bey therapy to address my high Estrogen, high testosterone, & progesterone that's in the toilet.
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      I've been there too.
      So many women in this forum have found relief eating primal. You'll find lots of help and ideas here.
      It will get better.
      My cycles and energy stabilized after about 3 months. My cycles will vary a bit depending on how clean my diet is for the month but i haven't missed in 12 months. (I used to go 6-9 months between). My energy levels tend to change, again depending on what i eat, but they are definitely better than they used to be.

      One thing that can present as fibromyalgia and sap your energy is Candida.
      I've attached a questionnaire that can help you determine if you have an overgrowth of the yeast.
      If you do then you can take steps to kill off the overgrowth. If you don’t then you’ve at least crossed one thing off the list…

      Good luck. Keep looking good docs. do exist. and they can help.
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        Another thing to consider with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is chronic Lyme Disease. But it's hard to find a doc who is willing to to the right tests. You want a doc who follows the ILADS recommendations and not one who follows IDSA recommendations (they deny that there is a chronic LD!)

        I have late-onset CAH. Symptoms can be similar to PCOS. I don't know if that or chronic LD (I believe it's LD) cause my low energy levels, but eating primal helped. I am currently getting antibiotics to fight the LD, so in a few weeks I hope to feel a difference!

        Good luck, and I hope your energy comes back soon so that you can get and raise the children you want!
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          I am also doing BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy) using progesterone cream. I'm taking a lot of different things and I've been coaching myself through my depression, so I don't know how much the PC is doing on its own, but I think that my cycle is becoming more regular. It's taking longer than I thought it would, but I think it's working. I hope to see even better results as I exercise more.


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            I've got PCOS too and for me the change is happening slower than I want but it is happening. You just have to be patie
            nt. PCOS for me has been there a long time so it can't just be reversed in 3 months.i I would only have a period 1-2 times a year and horrible PMS. I've been clean eating since September and primal for just over 2 months and my cycle is around 50 days which for me is amazing. No cramps last time either.

            I started it because we are trying to conceive too. Been at it almost 3 years with meds that don't help so I'm hoping this way will bring us our baby. I'm down 13 pounds and have more energy now this third month. The first 2 months I needed a daily nap. So give it more time and give your body some patience to correct the years of damage that's been done to it.

            Good luck!


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              Thank you for all your replies. They are very helpful. Strangely i have discovered a couple of important things regarding my original post within just a day or so of writing it! (Strange how these things happen). first, i had an awful day of zero energy, difficult times with my digestion and generally feeling unwell. the discovery was that this feeling was parallel to some stress caused by some family problems that i could not fix at the time. i even went to see a nurse to have my sugar levels tested because i thought maybe I'd not eaten enough sugar or something. needless to say, once I'd ruled out any possibility of illness it allowed me to explore the possibility of having stress affecting my body. once i spoke to my partner about my discovery i started to feel better. So, stress = sick. the next day i mowed lawns and didn't feel awful as a result. i actually felt invigorated! success! i have since done some research on oxygen therapy and discovered that stress causes your cells to behave in a way that causes them to close off reducing their ability to absorb oxygen (which is obviously vital for cell repair and ultimately our survival) so i am thinking that going primal is working better than I've realised and the hindrance is my stress levels. i am taking serious steps to address and resolve this as quickly as possible. i found out I've gone from 74kg to 66.4kg since Christmas so am very happy to see a result. also, my partner commented on how supple my skin was looking. I'm just glad to be able to report such a positive improvement on my original post. i just need to give things time regarding my cycles regulating based on the above comments. thank you all again so much for your wisdom.