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Foodie convert to Paleo seeks tasty grassfed

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    Slower cooking can also help. I get much better results cooking roasts at a lower temperature for longer. Also, I find using more fat in the cooking process makes a big difference. But I agree with folks above who also suggested shopping around since the quality can definitely vary.
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      Honestly, I just sear my steaks on each side and leave them bloody-as-hell in the middle. I also rub each side with a saturated fat before tossing it on; tallow, butter and ghee all go well. I tend to melt the fat slightly, pour onto cold steak, rub around, and then season over the top of the fat to form a sort of crust of herby-deliciousness.

      I made a steak with a side of bacon last week, and the steak was so good that I couldn't taste anything when I tried the bacon. I'd say your vendor and your preparation are faulting you.


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        Cooking grass fed beef

        cooking buffalo meat


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          Originally posted by Meegeek View Post
          Just had my first experience with gf from Whole Foods. Was pretty tasty and whoever said to watch the cook time is right. The steaks were not so much dryer as they were "denser". The taste was great, but could definitely see a problem if you tend to cook to well done. Medium rare to medium is probably the sweet spot.
          In general, I've had great experiences with ribeyes and other fattier cuts of grassfed beef. For lean sirloin cuts, I've found it to be a little tricky, and they sometimes end up on the tough side. Marinades, butter, etc. do help.


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            Originally posted by SophieScreams View Post
            Marinating steaks in a little red wine vinegar seems to soften the muscle tissue up a bit. Also, I've steered(heehee) myself away from previous favorites like sirloin, london broil, flank steak. Those parts of the grassfed cow just don't come out as tender as corn-poisoned feedlot cows. Le sigh. The "price" you pay.
            Ya, let's not forget that those lean parts of the animal were considered the least desired before our society. I would recommend slow cooking chuck roasts or lightly baking some liver. Those have become my two favorite cuts.

            Well, ribeyes are always great too, but they break my bank.