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    Originally posted by Meadow View Post
    You are unlikely to get any food advice from a traditional vet other then the labeled vet foods in their office. They just don't have the training or research to back up any other recommendations.

    You can hunt around for a more homeopathic vet in the area, .
    Thanks! I probably will. Now that we've gone primal/paleo-ish, I wonder about my kitties all the time. I know their lives are longer for living w me so I can administer meds, etc. (they are rescue kitties), but I wonder if their medical conditions wouldn't improve with better food. I might just poke around on the web tonight.


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      The other day I saw an advert for Vegan cat food (evolution brand...)
      It made me angry.

      Now I realize they make dog food too...

      Vegan Cat Food - Vegan Dog Food - Vegan Animal Products -

      People are freaking NUTS.
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      And that's why I'm here eating HFLC Primal/Paleo.


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        Check out these sites - they provide great info on raw feeding, feline diabetes/ibs etc along with great cat nutrition info Making Cat Food by Lisa A. Pierson, DVM :: homemade cat food, cat food recipes and cat nutrition - home

        Interesting thing is that some of the grocery store wet foods are not so bad with real meat and no grains... gotta read the sites above and read cat food labels...

        We feed one cat raw due to some health issues - ibs - cleared up instantly with raw. Because of the sites above and what I read, began feeding Fancy Feast without beef or fish (some cats have reactions to beef and/or fish - see above sites) to our other cats. (raw is cost prohibitive to me with 5 kit-tehs)

        Google HareToday-GoneTomorrow - they have ground whole rabbits, chickens, turkeys etc.
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          My kitty has been eating a brand of frozen raw food called Primal for years. She also eats a little turkey breast (it's like crack to her, lol!). Once in awhile she gets canned food if we happen to run out of her food and the store that we get it from is closed, but nearly every time she eats canned (grain-free or not) she starts doing a wheezy cough thing, which is why I switched her to raw in the first place. I think she has an allergy.

          She also eats bunnies, chipmunks, lizards and the occasional bird.


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            Originally posted by ASmallOne View Post
            I don't have a cat, but one issue I've heard of with feeding cats a meat diet (which the of course need) is ensuring that there is supplementation with taurine. I'm sorry that I don't know more about why this is or how much, but I'd google it if I were you, as it could be an issue for the kitty's health!
            (I do love kitties but hub's allergies do not).
            Meat contains taurine.
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              Something tells me that domesticated cats would quickly die in the wild. Where are these carnivores going to get their meat? They better stumble upon A LOT of field mouses.


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                Originally posted by wiltondeportes View Post
                Something tells me that domesticated cats would quickly die in the wild. Where are these carnivores going to get their meat? They better stumble upon A LOT of field mouses.
                That's why they diversify their palette .

                Mice, birds, insects, lizards, bunnies, carrion, squirrel, rat, prairie dog, so on. Heck, a good bunny will last a couple of days. A squirrel for a day or more. The whole cat sleeping thing is how they conserve energy. Its usually a kill, relax for an hour, hunt, kill, repeat.

                I probably keep a bit more meat on my cats then a wild cat would...they are not overweight, but they are not super skinny either. They have a nice 'mouse pouch' as some put it. I also have two super active bengal cats that require more grub then most. I think in the wild they might nap more rather then running around like goof balls all day long chasing wand toys and paper balls.
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                  wanted to update this post with my results. earlier in the thread i had mentioned i have been feeding my cats grain free cat food with little results. its now been nearly a year of grain free food and my biggest kitty has lost 6 lbs (20 to 14) and is SOOO much more active. she actually jumps up into my lap now where before she would just lay on the floor next to me. her coat is also now very soft and shiny.
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