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Is there anything better than playing with your pup?

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  • Is there anything better than playing with your pup?

    Man's best friend!

    My manager brings her puppy in to work with her sometimes, and I love every second the dog is here. she's a black Labrador puppy, about 4 months old. She's around 30 pounds now.

    We have a small open area in our small office, and I like to play with her on the floor. Jumping around, wrestling, playing. It's so fun And my manager likes it that I do that with her, as it tuckers her out.

    I got my first bloody nose from a dog: my fiance's family's retriever. We were playing around on the floor when her paw whacked me in the face. It was pretty cool!! But then my future In Laws put the dog outside :C

    Anyway, I just love wrestling with the doggies. I love hugging them, tickling their bellies, running with them, jumping around! It just feels so good!

    It's the best! Can't wait to get a dog of my own

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    I agree whole heartedly. There is nothing like playing with a dog... They are so wonderfully loving and remind us that just because we're "adults" doesn't mean we have to act like some boring ol' fart all the time. Mine also reminds me every day when I come from home from work that I'm not the ONE who is CRAZY. It's all the others in the corporate world of greed and crazy impatient drivers who are crazy. My dog loves me and I love her!
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      I LOVE's best pal

      My husband and I decided to not have kids (multiple reasons) and instead do all we can to rescue wild life and dogs. Atm, we have 4 dogs...2 large and 2 tiny.
      The 2 tiny Dachshunds are entertaining as hell and the female is a true hunter! The male came from a busted puppy mill, was rescued by a hoarder and then given to us. His maxilla is deformed and his teeth are crooked (much like in humans). He has several snaggleteeth that stick out of his lip. The female was raised in a rabbit cage and at teh age of 9 months was dumped into a dachshund rescue because the backyard breeder couldn't find a buyer.

      The large male we have is a large american pitbull (red nose), was thrown over the 8 foot fence into the local shelter yard as a puppy.
      The large female is a semi rescue (pure bred English Mastiff) ..from a breeder that wanted to sell her female puppy (there was only 1) as a breeding machine for future champion dogs. We bought the female, brought her home and had her spayed without their knowledge.
      Both couples are a perfect match.
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        absolutely love playing with my dog. i have a pit/lab/boxer mix who just turned 1 year old today. he's 60 pounds, so he puts up a good fight in a tugging match. lately, he's taken to eating my mattress when he's alone, and sleeping on the back of the couch with the cats when he's tired. it's amazing how much he has made my life better. and, now that he's old enough, he's going to be my hiking buddy.


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          My dog just loves to run around me in circles. He's a funny guy. I just have to make a lunging motion at him and he's off like a rocket, acting like it's the best game in the world. Which it probably is, actually. Yeah, dogs are pretty awesome. I love going outdoors and letting him run off-leash when that's possible too, though it's illegal most places of course (lame!).
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            I'm missing my dog terribly. I'm currently in upstate Minnesota on business and haven't seen him since Sunday night .


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              I love my pup. Her favorite game isn't fetch (her eyebrows have this skeptical look, as if she's saying "I'm a pointer, not damn retriever. It's over there, you go get it.") She LOVES a good game of Snout or Tag, though. Running around with her at the dog park is pretty damn amazing, as she NEVER runs out of energy. Run her ragged for 3 hours straight, give her 5 minutes and some water, and she's good to go!
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                My dog makes me smile and laugh everyday.

                When my MIL passed, my wife really needed a companion and we got Minnie.....

                I always had big dogs growing up and never thought much about the little ones. She brings so much joy to us it is amazing. She has gotten into the habit of making sure we get to bed at the right time every night. She will sit on the couch with us and watch some TV, but at 9:45 she gets up on my chest and starts licking my face and won't stop until we turn the TV off and got to bed. The other night she started to whine and nuzzle my wife, while she was reading in bed and would not quit until she put the book down, turned the light out and went to sleep.
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                  I'm finally getting laid off in the next month or two (they drug it out since freaking OCTOBER!) and I'm seriously considering dog sitting. It has been the absolute favorite part of my job, and I just really understand dogs. I'm actually looking forward to spending all day playing with dogs that are excited to see me!